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The Attitude Beginning

“It’s All About Attitude” technology books by Dr. John R. Patrick.

The series began in 2001 with the publishing of Net Attitude: What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It. All the books in the series are available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle. Health Attitude, Election Attitude, Robot Attitude, and Reflection Attitude are also available in Audible. 

John’s books are all technology related but are written for the layperson. John has a knack for taking complicated topics and making them easy to understand. You do not need technology literacy to enjoy the “It’s All About Attitude” book series. Pick your format and enjoy!

Date Type Title Publisher
2024-01-05 Magazine

AI: Should We Fear it or Embrace it?

John and Mary Heise
2024-01-05 Web news article

AI and Healthcare: A conversation with Dr. John patrick about how AI is transforming the healthcare space

City Life
2023-07-30 Web news article

An introductory journey into AI’s potential

Westfair Business Journal
2023-07-20 Web news article Founders Hall Announces July 21st Seminar: AI. Should We Embrace it or be Afraid of it? With John Patrick HamletHub
2023-07-20 Web news article Founders Hall AI Seminar inRidgefield
2023-04-19 Local John R. Patrick Speaks to Union Carbide Retirees Zoom
2023-03-23 Social Media Executive Forum Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) hosted Dr. John R. Patrick LinkedIn
2023-03-08 Web news article Danbury author believes worldly problems and solutions are grounded in ATTITUDE HamletHub
2023-02-01 Web news article How a digital patient experience can lead to future outcome driven healthcare: thoughts for executive teams mHealth Journal
2022-09-27 Online newspaper Former Ridgefield resident, Dr. John R. Patrick Honored at Housatonic Habitat for Humanity event HamletHub
2022-09-06 Web news article It’s All About Attitude – John Patrick subkit
2022-08-29 Online newspaper Former Ridgefield resident, Dr. John R. Patrick Pens New Book, Reflection Attitude HamletHub
2022-08-22 Book Reflection Attitude: Past, Current, and Future Attitude LLC
2021-09-20 Web news article What Is the World Community Grid? CircleID
2021-08-01 Web news article Let’s Get the Politics Out of Infrastructure CircleID
2020-09-24 Online newspaper Could Mobile Voting Strengthen Our Democracy? Join Danbury Author John Patrick for Free Webinar on Sept. 30 HamletHub
2020-08-08 Online newspaper Local Author, Internet Pioneer Asks: Which Is Worse: Power Outage or Digital Outage? HamletHub
2020-07-03 Webinar Library presents webinar about online voting Ridgefield Press
2020-04-18 Web news article Why Did It Take a Pandemic to Be Able to Use Telehealth? CircleID
2019-10-11 Web news article Danbury Author Talks Robot Attitude and Supports Habitat for Humanity HamletHub
2019-09-29 TV The Capitol Report panel with John Patrick WTNH
2019-09-24 Business publication Danbury author examines how robots can be our friends in new book Westfair Business Publications.
2019-09-04 Web news article Danbury Resident Backs Tech Startup, Brings Reliable WiFi to Local Retailers HamletHub
2019-08-27 Web news article Danbury Author Dr. John R. Patrick Pens New Book About Robots HamletHub
2019-08-01 Book Robot Attitude: How Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Lives Better Attitude LLC
2019-04-15 Magazine How Robots and AI Will Make Our Lives Better John and Mary Heise
2019-02-12 Online article 2020 will be the year that online voting really takes hold in the U.S. AlterNet
2019-01-23 Magazine How mHealth, 3-D Printing & Robots Will Change The World For People With Special Needs EP Guide 2019
2018-05-08 Web news article Can this technology modernize how we vote? CNN
2017-12-10 Web news article The Four Attitudes of Local Author, John Patrick HamletHub
2017-12-06 Web news article Blockchain could revolutionize voting and elections American City Business Journals
2017-11-14 Book Home Attitude: Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Home Smart Attitude LLC
2016-11-30PodcastDr. John Patrick Speaks Up About the Election and His Book “Election Attitude”SPEAK UP TALK RADIO NETWORK
2016-08-19PodcastDr. John Patrick Speaks Up About His “Attitude” BooksSpeakup Talk Radio
2016-08-15Book ReviewElection Attitude recommended by the US Review of Books 
2016-08-13BookElection Attitude: How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger DemocracyAttitude LLC
2016-08-10Web news articleWe’ll Be Right Back: John Patrick Talks Olympic AdvertisingHamletHub
2016-08-08Web news articleLocal pens Election Attitude & paves the way for Internet votingHamletHub
2016-07-09Web news articleWhat’s Your Election Attitude? Look for John Patrick’s new book in AugustHamletHub
2016-06-30Online newspaperThe future of healthcare is just getting started with telemedicine 
2016-05-26Web news articleJohn Patrick Mentors Pakistani EntrepreneurHamletHub
2016-05-20Web news articleJohn Patrick talks Connecticut & MedicaidHamletHub
2016-04-30Web news articleHealthcare in the Rain at The Ridgefield PlayhouseHamletHub
2016-04-18MagazineJust Say No To Drug Ads On TVPharmaceutical/Medical Packaging
2016-04-10Web news articleJohn Patrick on healthcare for childrenHamletHub
2016-03-18Web news articleJohn Patrick talks Healthcare in the Cloud Era on May 1 at Ridgefield PlayhouseHamletHub
2016-03-10MagazineNew Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Datachildrenshospitals Today
2016-03-01MagazineGo Mobile for Better Health 
2016-02-25Web news articleJohn Patrick Talks Healthcare & What the Next President Should DoHamletHub
2016-02-22Press releaseKeeeb Completes $1M Bridge Financing to Establish U.S. Market Entry of “Must Have” Enterprise Discovery Engine
2016-02-02Bylined articleNew Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient DataChildren’s Hospital Association
2016-01-15Bylined articleHow Technology Will Impact Home Health CareHomeCare
2016-01-09Radio InterviewInterview with George DiGianni on KTCK, The Ticket, a Dallas, TX 
2016-01-04BookNet Attitude: What It Is, How To Get It, And Why You Need It More Than EverAttitude LLC
2015-12-28Web news articleSelf-Diagnosis Is On the Way by John R. Patrick, DHAAdvance for Laboratory
2015-12-23BlogArticle by JRP: “When Have We Seen Enough Drug Ads on TV?”Pharmaceutical Processing
2015-12-21Radio InterviewInterview with Vern on WILO, Indiannapolis, IA 
2015-12-18Web news articleInterview with BooksGoSocial 
2015-12-17Radio InterviewInterview with Dr. Ned Hoke on Health Matters, KSVY, Sonoma, CA 
2015-12-15Print and OnlineArticle by JRP: “Healthcare Selfies: Consumers Go Mobile for Better Health”Ridgefield Magazine and the vibe
2015-12-12Radio InterviewInterview with Jay Edwards at WRNJ, Hackettstown, NJ 
2015-12-11Radio InterviewInterview with Bulldog, and sidekicks The Dude, Big Al Reno, and Coach on WOCM, Ocean City, MD
2015-12-10Radio InterviewInterview with Mike Kara on The Mike Kara Radio Program – “What’s Up America” 
2015-12-10Radio InterviewInterview with Jerry Posick at WGCV, Columbia, SC 
2015-12-09PodcastInterview with Reed Pence at Radio Health Journal 
2015-12-08Book ExcerptHealth Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare (Excerpt)ITBusinessEdge
2015-12-04Radio InterviewInterview with Tim Bremel on “Your Talk Show”, WCLO, Janesville, WI 
2015-11-24Radio InterviewInterview on The Burt Cohen Show on WSCA, Portsmouth, NH 
2015-11-23Radio InterviewInterview on the Andy Caldwell Show on KUHL, San Luis Obispo, CA 
2015-11-23Radio InterviewInterview with Dr. Thad Woodard on KSKA, Anchorage, AK 
2015-11-20Radio InterviewInterview on the Morning Briefing with Tim Farley on P.O.T.U.S. (Sirius XM) 
2015-11-20Radio InterviewInterview with Mike Cohen on WILS, Lansing, MI 
2015-11-19Radio InterviewInterview on KKMC, Salinas, CA 
2015-11-19Radio InterviewInterview on Bill LuMaye Show, WPTF, Raleigh-Durham, NC 
2015-11-18Radio InterviewInterview on Dr. Jeanette Gallagher Radio, New Orleans, LA 
2015-11-17Journal articleArticle by JRP: “How Personalization Will Improve Healthcare”ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates
2015-11-17PodcastMedTech Chat: Dr. John Patrick reveals his medical predictions for the future of healthcareMedical Design & Outsourcing
2015-11-17Radio InterviewInterview on the Bill Martinez Live Show. Nationwide. 
2015-11-17Radio InterviewInterview with Emiliano Limon on WIBC, Indianapolis, IN 
2015-11-16Web news articleHigher Physician Spending Linked to Fewer Lawsuits, but May Undermine Reform GoalsBloomberg BNA
2015-11-15Print and OnlineArticle by JRP: “The Value of mHealth Apps and Devices”Healthcare Innovation News
2015-11-13Web news articleThe Advantages of Mobile Health Apps Today and Tomorrow 
2015-11-12Radio InterviewInterview on the Andy Caldwell Show on KUHL, Santa Maria, CA 
2015-11-11Radio InterviewLive From Seattle with Michelle Mendoza on KGNW, Seattle, WA 
2015-11-06Web news articleStudy: More Doctor Spending Linked to Fewer Malpractice Risks. JRP Quoted.Bloomberg BNA
2015-11-04Radio InterviewInterview with Bulldog and crew on WOCM Ocean 98 LIVE, Ocean City, MD 
2015-11-03Radio InterviewInterview with Ron Verv on WKBN, Youngstown, OH 
2015-11-02TV InterviewJRP on Fox Business with Maria BartiromoFox Business
2015-10-30Radio InterviewInterview with Susie Glaffcock on Just For the Health of It 
2015-10-30Radio InterviewInterview with Abigail Esposito on WTWH, The Future of Healthcare Podcast at Medical Design and Outsourcing Media, LLC
2015-10-30Web news articleQ&A by JRP: “This Is Heavy: What Does the Future of Healthcare Hold?”Medical Device Business
2015-10-30Web news articleExperts Say Lab Industry Needs to Prepare for Adoption of Do-It-Yourself, Smartphone-Based Diagnostics
2015-10-29Radio InterviewInterview with Charly Butcher on WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN 
2015-10-23Radio InterviewInterview with Joyce Estey on WRNJ, Hackettstown, NJ 
2015-10-22Radio InterviewInterview with Tim Farley on P.O.T.U.S., Sirius XM Radio Ch. 124 
2015-10-22Radio InterviewInterview with Kim Power Stilson on SiriusXM 143, BYU Radio 
2015-10-22Radio InterviewInterview with Melanie Morgan and Larry Olson on KSRO, Santa Rosa, CA 
2015-10-21Radio InterviewInterview with Mark Cope on KXYL, Brownwood, TX 
2015-10-18Print and OnlineArticle by JRP: “Why is health care so expensive?”Danbury News-Times and newstimes.com
2015-10-15Online newspaperFeature Article by JRP: Healthcare Consultants ForumOnline Newsletter for Quarter 4, 2015
2015-10-15Radio InterviewInterview with Clayton Mick on KORN, Mitchell, SD 
2015-10-15Radio InterviewInterview with Ron Verv on WKBN, Youngstown, OH 
2015-10-14Radio InterviewInterview on the Bill Martinez Live show 
2015-10-14Radio InterviewInterview with Giancarlo Carnevale on WSOU 
2015-10-14Web news articleInterview with Vera Gruesner at HealthPayerIntelligence 
2015-10-13BlogInterview with David Levine at AthenaHealth 
2015-10-13Radio InterviewInterview on the @thebevsmithshow 
2015-10-13Radio InterviewInterview with Ed Dean on WMEL throughout Florida 
2015-10-13Radio InterviewInterview with Les Sinclair, WINA, Charlottesville, VA 
2015-10-13Radio InterviewInterview with Rick Ungar on Sirius XM “Tell me Everything” 
2015-10-12Radio InterviewInterview with Pimm and Kathleen on Bloomberg Radio 
2015-10-08Radio InterviewInterview with Boston Herald Radio 
2015-10-08Radio InterviewInterview with Mark Starling on WWNC, Asheville, NC 
2015-10-07PodcastInterview with Steve Lubetkin on The Middle Chamber Book and Music Podcast 
2015-10-06Radio InterviewInterview with Joe Lavelle on Intrepid Healthcare 
2015-10-06Web news articleInterview with Erin Durkin at FDA Week 
2015-10-06Web news articleCould Wearable Medical Devices Track Vitals, Diagnose Disease? 
2015-10-04Radio InterviewInterview with Dr. Samadi on World Health News, AM970 The Answer 
2015-10-02Radio InterviewInterview with Tom D’Auria on IMI’s TechTalk, KFNX, Phoenix, AZ 
2015-10-01Radio InterviewInterview with Mike Schikman on WSVA, Harrisonburg, VA 
2015-10-01Web news articleInterview with Vera Gruessner at mHealthIntelligence.com 
2015-09-30Radio InterviewInterview with Diane Jones on KPLW, St. Louis, MO 
2015-09-30Web news articleInterview with Lori Solomon at G2 Intelligence 
2015-09-28Radio InterviewInterview with Michael Cohen, WILS, Lansing, MI 
2015-09-25Radio InterviewInterview on Cherry Creek Radio, Helena, MT 
2015-09-25Radio InterviewInterview on KFBK, San Diego, CA 
2015-08-19Radio InterviewInterview with Moira Gunn on NPR/Tech Nation 
2015-07-26Online newspaperFounder & Editor of PC Magazine Gives John Patrick’s Book 5 StarsHamletHub
2015-07-15ArticleHow mHealth will spur consumer-led healthcaremHealth Journal
2015-07-13Online MagazineInterview: “Self-Diagnosis Is Here to Stay, and New Tech Makes it Easier”Medical Design Technology
2015-07-01Online ReviewHealth Attitude: clear thinking about US healthcare, present conditions, and future possibilitiesAME
2015-07-01MagazineArticle by JRP: “Health Attitude”John and Mary Heise
2015-06-28Newspaper op-edOp-ed by JRP: “High Deductibles Spike Health Care Costs”Hartford Courant
2015-04-30Web news articleInternet Pioneer & Ridgefield Resident John Patrick to Offer IT Vision for Health Care ReformKerry Anne Ducey
2015-04-18Video InterviewInterview by Skip Prichard at OCLCSkip Prichard
2015-04-14NewspaperAuthor Patrick talks at WestConnHersam Acorn
2015-03-30Online newspaperInternet Pioneer John Patrick to Offer IT Vision for Health Care ReformHamletHub
2015-03-29Radio InterviewInterview with Mark Walsh on Sirius XM Radio Channel 127Sirius XM Satellite Radio
2015-03-18BookHealth Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of HealthcareAttitude LLC
2014-08-01NewspaperPatrick earns health care degreeHearst Newspapers
2014-07-23Local news blogThe Future of Healthcare & the Internet with John PatrickHamlethub.com
2014-07-17DissertationThe Effect of CardioNet Home Telemonitoring For Congestive Heart Failure Patients: An Observational Research StudyProQuest
2014-07-01MagazineTen Minutes with John PatrickMorris Media Group
2014-06-26NewspaperHealth care and the InternetHersam Acorn
2014-06-26Web news articleThe Future of Healthcare and the Internet with John Patrick, DHATown of Ridgefield, Connecticut
2014-06-25NewspaperInternet expert goes back to school for health administrationHersam Acorn
2014-05-06Web news articleDr. John Patrick’s DACS PresentationDanbury Area Computer Society, Inc.
2013-06-10Business publicationWaking IBM: How it got back on topThe Synergy Group
2013-05-31Industry publicationJohn Patrick – The Future of Healthcare and the InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2013-04-15Industry publicationJohn Patrick to speak on “The Future of Healthcare and the Internet”Danbury Area Computer Society
2013-04-01Industry publicationVisionary John Patrick to discuss importance of faster information in medical worldWestern Connecticut State University
2013-02-11Press releaseJohn Patrick to Keynote Technology LeadersThe Markley Group
2013-02-02Radio InterviewInterview on Healthcare PolicyFree-For-All Friday (Florida Radio)
2012-10-03NewspaperInternet visionary John Patrick will speak about the future of the Internet at Founders HallHamlet Hub LLC
2012-06-15Industry publicationJohn Patrick – State of the InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2012-05-18Web news articleJohn Patrick receives Lehigh University Alumni Association’s Highest AwardLehigh University Alumni Association
2012-04-20Business publicationHow to Empty Your In-Box: John PatrickBloomberg
2012-04-02Business publication25 Years of IBM’s OS/2: The Strange Days and Surprising Afterlife of a Legendary Operating SystemTime
2012-04-02MagazineThe Future of The InternetSun And Surf Magazine
2012-02-13Industry publicationNetwork Trailblazers: A Conversation with John R. PatrickCISCO
2012-02-13Web news articleJohn and Joanne Patrick to be honoured at Habitat GalaHamelethub.com
2011-12-13Business publicationWhy you should embrace your company’s hereticsCNNMoney
2011-09-30Web news articleAFCOM Wraps Successful Data Center World in OrlandoFindMyHost, Inc.
2011-09-13Industry publicationScenes from Data Center World 2011Data Center Knowledge (DCK)
2011-08-24Wire serviceJohn Patrick to deliver keynote at AFCOM’s Data Center WorldBusiness Wire
2011-05-07Business publicationOracle of the Internet – John PatrickRidgefield Men’s Club
2011-05-05Industry publicationJohn Patrick – Future Of The InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2010-02-03Web news articleAn Interview with Knovel Board Member John PatrickKnovel Corp.
2010-01-13Industry publicationJohn Patrick – Future Of The InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2009-11-17Press releaseBernadette Gray-Little, John R. Patrick to serve on Board of OCLCOCLC
2009-10-05Industry publicationSupernovaHub Interview with John PatrickSupernovaHub
2009-06-14Web news articleKnovel InterviewKnovel Corporation
2009-01-13Industry publicationJohn Patrick – Future Of The InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2008-05-30Business publicationDesigning a Dream Home OfficeDow Jones & Company, Inc.
2008-05-23Business publicationWho Is IBM’s IM-ing CEO?QuinStreet Enterprise Inc.
2008-02-05Wire serviceKnovel Director John Patrick Named IEEE FellowKnovel Corporation
2008-01-13Industry publicationJohn Patrick on The Future of The InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2007-11-29Industry publicationIEEE to elect John R. Patrick as an IEEE FellowIEEE
2007-09-26Business publicationStrategies to Succeed OnlineNew York Times
2007-07-16Industry publicationSIIA – Ten Most Significant eCommerce Developments of the Last DecadeComputerworld Inc.
2007-02-05Industry publicationJohn Patrick – a Hero of i-TechnologyUlitzer, Inc.
2007-01-21Business publicationKing of His Digital CastleMcGraw Hill
2007-01-13Industry publicationThe Future of The InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2006-12-23TV InterviewUltimate Wired Home – A look at a computer-controlled homeBusinessWeek TV and ABC-TV
2006-09-27Industry publicationDEMO Speakers Ponder Almost Free Wi-Fi Access For AllUBM Tech
2006-09-27Industry publicationFutureScan Panel ‘The Future of Nanotechnology’ moderated by John Patrick@briansolis
2006-09-26Industry publicationDEMOfall 2006 – What’s ahead for mobileCBS Interactive
2006-09-26Industry publicationFutureScan Panel ‘The Future of Mobile’ moderated by John Patrick@briansolis
2006-05-29Industry publicationHow to be a better blogger — and still keep your day jobIDG
2006-04-25Web news articleRome 2006 Interview between John R. Patrick and Chris BargerIBM Corp.
2006-04-10Business publicationThe Future of the Internet – Net 2016 The Web 10 Years AfterRed Herring, Inc.
2006-03-15Business publicationIdeas en ProcesoGestion
2006-02-15Business publicationThe Babel of business: do we over-communicate?Caspian Publishing Limited
2006-01-13Industry publicationThe Future of the InternetDanbury Area Computer Society
2006-01-11News WireDEMO 2006 to Feature John Patrick’s FutureScanInternational Data Group (IDG)
2006-01-09Web news articleBig Blue bit by the blogging bugGannett
2006-01-01Business publicationWork in ProgressLondon Business School
2005-12-20Business publicationHerkommliche Telefonie wird verschwindenFormat Business Magazin (Austria)
2005-12-15Web news articleHow blogs and podcasts spur innovationIBM Corporation
2005-12-06Industry publicationProphesies on: the Future of the InternetDanbury Area Computer Society, Inc.
2005-12-01Web news articleWhat Does An Innovative Company Look Like?IBM Corporation
2005-11-25Web news articleInterNet Summit Austria 2005 ein voller ErfolgOVE
2005-11-23WebcastISPA Internet ConferenceInternt Service Providers of Austria
2005-08-30Business publicationBeyond Blue SkiesCaspian Publishing
2005-08-16BlogTime-Machine 1995Always-On
2005-08-11Industry publicationLinux pioneer interviewIBM
2005-07-15Consumer publicationWORKPLACES with WOW! — Building the Perfect Home OfficeWorthwhile Magazine
2005-06-23Web news articleSupernova 2005 PodcastJohn Furrier
2005-05-06NewspaperExpert urges educators to harness InternetHearst Communications Inc.
2005-05-05NewspaperInternet Visionary Patrick Will Speak at WestConnHersam Acorn
2005-04-27Press releaseNYLink Annual Meeting Keynote – The Ultimate Internet: We Have Only Just BegunBusinessWire
2005-04-14Web news articleRiding My iTrike with iTunesTom’s Hardware Guide
2005-04-13Web news articleThe Ultimate Smart HomeTom’s Hardware Guide
2005-02-17Industry publicationLinuxWorld keynote explores the untapped InternetTechTarget Inc.
2005-02-15Industry publicationIt’s About FreedomLinux Executive Report
2005-01-10Wire serviceJohn Patrick Wins Conferenza Annual Award – Best Moment of 2004Berkshire Hathaway
2004-12-21Industry publicationR&D Stars to WatchIndustry Week
2004-12-13Industry publicationJohn Patrick Presents: Patrick’s PrognosticationsDanbury Area Computer Society
2004-12-07Web news articleMemory Lane – JRP interview with Halley SuittConversations Network
2004-11-01Business publicationArticle by JRP: “The Bubble: Reconsidering The Boom And The Bust”Strategy+Business
2004-10-15Industry publicationDe olho No Potencial Da InternetInformationWeek Brasil
2004-08-18Wire serviceDEMOmobile 2004 – Patrick to moderate two key panelsPR Newswire Association LLC
2004-08-15Business publicationGoverning in the Goldfish BowlNYSE Euronext
2004-07-28Industry publicationProphet of the Digital WorldClarin (Argentina)
2004-06-30NewspaperExpert believes sale of products over the Internet has caused “paradigm shift”Ultimas Noticias (Uruguay)
2004-06-15NewspaperWi Fi Technology Will Change the InternetReforma (Mexico)
2004-06-10Industry publicationMapping The New InternetIDG Consumer & SMB
2004-02-20Industry publicationThe Future Is… Linux TelevisionsCBS Interactive
2004-02-13Industry publicationRupert Goodwins’ DiaryCBS Interactive
2004-02-06Industry publicationOpera Puts Internet Demigod on its BoardUlitzer Inc.
2004-01-30Industry publicationIBM Internet guru takes Opera roleCBS Interactive
2003-12-11Industry publicationRiding On The Internet WaveBusiness Computing (Malaysia)
2003-12-08Industry publicationThe Future of the Internet According to John R. PatrickDanbury Area Computer Society
2003-11-20Industry publicationThe Web: The Best Is Yet To ComeStar TechCentral (Malaysia)
2003-11-15Industry publicationExpert Voice: John Patrick on WeblogsQuinStreet Inc.
2003-11-10Industry publicationArticle by JRP: The Ultimate InternetNetwork World, Inc.
2003-10-16Web news articleConvergence: ENUM is a Really Big DealReprint fromCircleID
2003-09-24NewspaperAuthor, alumnus discusses Internet futurePennLive LLC
2003-09-17Industry publicationThe Generation Gap at WorkQuinStreet Inc.
2003-05-15Business publication“Where To Find New Directors”NYSE Euronext
2003-05-02Wire serviceSpam E-Mail Problem Worse Than ImaginedAssociated Press
2003-04-20NewspaperBills may turn up heat on spammersHearst Communications Inc.
2003-04-18Business publicationWill Wi-Fi Fly?Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
2003-04-10NewspaperKnovel interactive library helps scientists work onlineHearst Communications Inc.
2003-04-01ArticleThe Future of The InternetDesign Management Journal
2003-03-31Industry interviewFind A Way To Go Faster!IBM
2003-03-20Industry publication“Wave propagation”EDN and CommVerge: part of the Reed Electronics Group
2003-03-14NewspaperNet guru John Patrick hot for ‘Wi-Fi’Hearst Communications Inc.
2003-01-14Press releaseSpam Solutions In SightThe World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)
2003-01-07Press releaseJupitermedia Press Release – John Patrick Joins Board of DirectorsJupitermedia
2003-01-03Industry publicationJohn Patrick’s 11th talk to DACSDanbury Area Computer Society
2002-12-18Web news articleCan Technology Companies Rescue The Economy? Or Was The dot.com Boom Just A Flash In The Pan?WhatsNextOnline.com, Inc.
2002-12-05Press releaseInternet Visionary John Patrick Joins knovel BoardKnovel Corporation
2002-11-18Press releaseCloudmark Cracks the Genetic Code of Spam Delivering Cloudmark Authority, a Solution that Saves a 10,000 Person Corporation Two Million Dollars a YearCloudmark
2002-10-12Business publicationJohn Patrick: the fine art of bloggingLondon Business School
2002-08-26Industry publicationCEOs Need To Walk In Customers’ ShoesInformation Week
2002-08-21Industry publicationPerspective: Wi-Fi and free lunchesCBS Interactive Inc.
2002-07-01Business publicationDigital Fingerprint ‘Net guru John Patrick sees a future built on ID keysWestchester County Business Journal
2002-06-15NewspaperThe Next Internet RevolutionUK Times
2002-06-15Web news articleJohn Patrick at ebiz Summit 2002World Trade Group
2002-06-01ArticleTaking the Internet for GrantedIBM Global Services. Published in England by Caspian Publishing Ltd
2002-04-12Business publicationJohn Patrick/IBM – Top VetVeterans Advantage, Inc.
2002-03-20Business publicationThe Pace of Technology: How Much? How Fast? How Revolutionary? New YorkFast Company
2002-03-17NewspaperFrom Carnegie to Intelo’s Noyce, these Business Titans Embraced InnovationPittsburgh Post-Gazette
2002-03-08Consumer publicationKids RockDarwin
2002-02-22Web news articleAttitude is everything when it comes to Internet successThe JournalNews.com
2002-02-19Business publicationJohn Patrick, Author of Net Attitude to speak at Yale SOMYale School of Managment
2002-02-08Business publicationBook ReviewFairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd
2002-02-07NewspaperWhen PC Still Means ‘Punch Card’The New York Times
2002-02-03NewspaperDoes Your Firm Need A ‘Net Attitude’ Check?The Orlando Sentinel
2002-01-30Web news articleMy picks of the month (BookViews)Bookviews by Alan Caruba
2002-01-27NewspaperUntapped potentialThe (San Jose) Mercury News
2002-01-22NewspaperInternet Use Still Growing, Expert SaysDanbury News Times
2002-01-21NewspaperNet Attitude : What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without ItThe McClatchy Company
2002-01-01Business publication10 top technologies for 2002CFO Publishing LLC
2002-01-01Business publicationAttitude adjustment: IBM ‘s internet guru reveals the mind-set necessary for success in the era of connectivityInside Business
2001-12-16NewspaperAuthor pushes Net attitudePoughkeepsie Journal
2001-12-10Industry publicationIBM’s Patrick talks up e-business and Web servicesNetwork World
2001-12-09Business publicationA conversation with IBM’s John PatrickAmerican City Business Journal
2001-12-05Industry publicationInternet AttitudeDanbury Area Computer Society
2001-12-04TV InterviewNew England Business Day interviewNECN Business Day
2001-12-04Web news articleReview of keynote by John PatrickZero-Knowledge’s Privacy by Design Conference
2001-11-27Industry publicationChallenge The ExpertSVWIC
2001-11-21Industry publicationBookshelf — Adopting A ‘Net Attitude’IndustryWeek.com
2001-11-15Industry publicationBusinesses still playing catch-up with Internet infrastructureITBusiness.ca
2001-11-05NewspaperQ&A: Net’s potential big, IBM strategist saysTampa Bay Times
2001-10-31Web news articleDueling EmailsBorders Online
2001-10-23Web news articleTech nation interview with Moira GunnTech nation
2001-09-30Industry publicationAttitude AdjustmentMansueto Ventures LLC
2001-09-01BookNet Attitude: What It Is, How To Get It, And Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without ItPerseus Publishing
2001-08-22NewspaperBuilding The Next NetThe Hartford Courant
2001-08-20Industry publicationGet the MessagePC World
2001-08-02Industry publicationIBM unveils grid computing concept for future ITComputerworld Inc.
2001-08-02TVIBM backs grid computingNBCUNIVERSAL
2001-08-02Industry publicationIBM gives grid computing a pushQuinstreet Enterprise Inc.
2001-08-02Business publicationBritain envisions computing gridAustin American Statesman
2001-08-02Business publicationIBM wins contract to build Europe-based internet ‘Grid’ networksInteractive Investor
2001-08-02Industry publicationIBM snares new contracts for Europe-based Internet GridsAgence France Presse
2001-06-21Video InterviewInterview with John PatrickThe Next Big Thing
2001-06-19TV InterviewTranscripts From The New Economy Watch ShowCNNfn
2001-05-29TV InterviewCCTA Convention 2001 – CBC Interview with John PatrickCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
2001-05-22Business publicationRogers Senior VP to have one-on-one with John PatrickBusiness Information Group
2001-05-18Industry publicationInterview with John PatrickADA Elektronisk Tidning – Torget
2001-05-09Industry publicationIBM lathers up with SOAPNetwork World, Inc.
2001-05-07Industry publicationThe disconnect between legacy and online systemsNetwork World, Inc.
2001-04-27Industry publicationServer, heal thyselfCBS Interactive Inc.
2001-04-16Industry publicationBig Blue hacker for hireCBS Interactive
2001-04-10Industry publicationIBM on Next Generation InternetI-Street magazine
2001-04-02Industry publicationProfile : John Patrick VP Internet Technology IBMInfoworld, Inc.
2001-02-28Industry publicationThink Ahead: John Patrick – A dispatch from PC Forum 2001Mansueto Ventures LLC
2001-01-31Industry publicationBrowser wars: Rest in peaceZDNET
2001-01-15Industry publicationBusinesses Embrace Instant MessagingCBS Interactive Inc.
2001-01-04Industry publicationJohn Patrick Takes Us “on a magic carpet ride”Danbury Area Computer Society
2000-12-12Internet WirePatrick Draws Overflow Crowd Of Developers And EntrepreneursSilicon Valley World Internet Center
2000-12-06NewspaperInternet guru to speak, says best is yet to come.Hearst Communications Inc.
2000-12-04Industry publicationIBM’s Internet chief prognosticates about the future of Big Blue and the InternetInfoWorld Media Group, Inc.
2000-11-29Radio InterviewKevin Patrick (CNET Radio) interviews John PatrickCNET Radio – PM Drive
2000-11-28Blog“The Future of the Internet” – Challenge the Experts PanelSilicon Valley World Internet Center
2000-11-28Industry publicationThe future of the InternetIntegrated IT Solutions
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2000-08-26NewspaperThe Internet Gives Power to the People Rather than to InstitutionsCanada – Les Affaires
2000-08-24NewspaperBig Blue bets big on little LinuxToronto Star (Canada)
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1999-04-06TVIBM unveils 4-way serverTime Warner
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1993-05-18Press releaseIBM Introduces OS/2 2.1 With New Advanced FunctionAnonymous Insider
1971-06-01ThesisSimulation As A Tool In Planning For The Investment Of Idle Funds In A Municipal GovernmentJohn R. Patrick

Apple and AI – Part 2

Apple and AI – Part 2 Apple’s much-anticipated entry into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) arrived at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June

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Polling I had planned to write more about Apple and AI this week, but another topic keeps pinging my brain. Polling. Political polling. No matter

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Apple and AI

Apple and AI Apple made a splash on June 7. The company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is an annual event Apple conducts for the thousands

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