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Fine PrintThank you for visiting the johnpatrick.com blog. This page is to make you aware of my affiliations, information practices, and privacy policy. My prior website was patrickWeb.com, which is no longer in operation. All content was moved to johnpatrick.com.


I was a full time employee of IBM Corporation for thirty-five years (1967-2001) and then had a part time relationship for three years. I receive a pension. I am not currently an investor in the company. My own company is Attitude LLC, where I am the sole employee. I have occasionally provided consulting services to various companies, but I currently have no consulting relationships. My other activities include writing and public speaking. Most of the writing I do is here at the johnpatrick.com blog and it is completely independent. All my blog posts are also posted at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Everything that appears in my blog is written by me and is solely my opinion. There are no advertising fees or commissions associated with the blog. Occasionally I write a column or article for publishing companies for a fee. My paid public speaking is done through speakersonhealthcare.com. I am an investor and director in Keeeb, Inc. I invest through various managed accounts, including as a limited partner in First Round Capital, which invests in technology companies. I am a compensated member of the board of trustees at OCLC and a non-compensated director at a number of non-proft organizations. A complete list of my affiliations is here.

Information practices

One of the things that I like about having a web site is that it enables me to hear from readers and visitors. I generally don’t forward what anyone sends me. An exception is if someone is asking for help, references, or if I think someone can benefit from what someone else had to say. Please don’t send me confidential information or information you don’t want anyone else to see if we haven’t previously agreed that you would do so. In order for me to forward something you send me to someone else for information or assistance, etc., I must advise you that if you do provide information, comments, suggestions, feedback or other information or materials to me, you agree that they are not confidential, and that I have a royalty-free, irrevocable license under all intellectual property rights (including copyright) to use, copy, distribute, sublicense, display, perform and prepare derivative works based upon them. This may sound a bit onerous but believe it or not some people in this world like to provide information or suggestions to others and then make complaints if you use the information or suggestions.

Any information or material that you obtain from this site is as-is. That means it isn’t warranted in any way. When I browse the Web, I try to make note of potentially interesting sites. I sometimes list or provide links from my site to other sites if I think they may be of interest. Links are one of the most powerful functions of the Web because they enable users to easily move from one site to another. However, by providing links I do not imply any business relationship between that site and mine nor am I endorsing any site which is linked to mine. I have no control over sites that are linked to this site, and I can not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability or for any of the content contained on those third party sites, or for your use of or results obtained from, or for any loss or damage caused by those sites.

Privacy Policy

In general, you can visit johnpatrick.com without telling me who you are and without giving me any personal information. There may be times when I may ask you for information to share with someone else or to post in the johnpatrick.com blog. I will never use your name in the blog without your permission. I may refer to you indirectly; e.g. “a reader from Norway suggested…..”. Whether you unilaterally sent me personal information or I asked for it, in no case, ever, would I sell personal information or offer it in any way to someone else for marketing purposes.
This page last updated: April 20, 2020