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Compass RoseThe table below contains GPS readings from some of my travels during 1995-2000. The latitudes and longitudes were captured using Garmin GPS devices. Today GPS is built into my watch, phone, and car. See the travels page for more background on travels and mapping. Also, there are stories in the travels category of my blog. 

Where in the world I wasLongitudeLatitudePurpose of trip
Anaheim, CaliforniaN 33.50W 117.52IDG – Internet Commerce Expo
Arlington, VirginiaN 38.51W 77.5WETA
Armonk, New YorkN 41.7W 73.43IBM Corporate Headquarters
Atlanta, GeorgiaN 33.9W 84.5Olympic Games, CIO Conf
Austin, TexasN 30.18W 97.42IBM
Baltimore, MarylandN 39.17W 76.37IBM Government Programs
Banksville, New YorkN 41.8W 73.38Greenwich Riding Club (bikes)
Bar Harbor, MaineN 44.23W 68.12 
Bass Harbor Head, MaineN 44.13W 68.20Admiring the Lighthouse
Beijing, ChinaN 40.0E 116.30Comdex Keynote
Bethlehem, PalestineN 31.26E 35.7Visiting
Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaN 40.36W 75.22ACM/IEEE – Lehigh University
Boothbay, MaineN 43.51W 69.39 
Boston, MassachusettsN 42.20W 71.1Dataquest Conference
Boulder, ColoradoN 40.3W 105.10IBM Emerg. Response Center
Brisbane, AustraliaS 27.17E 153.12WWW7
Brisbane, CaliforniaN 37.24W 122.15Visiting Imagine Media
Brugge, BelgiumN 51.12E 3.13Sunday day off
Brussels, BelgiumN 50.18E 4.18WSJ CEO Summit
Cambridge, MassachusettsN 42.22W 71.5MIT Media Lab
Camden, MaineN 44.13W 69.4 
Canberra, AustraliaS 35.10E 149.5Enabling Australia – WWW7
Cannes, FranceN 43.33E 7.2CIO Conference
Caracas, VenezuelaN 10.29W 66.51IBM e-business conference
Carlsbad, CaliforniaN 33.9W 117.21ADP conference
Cary, North CarolinaN 35.50W 78.47IBM
Charlotte, North CarolinaN 35.12W 80.50IBM visit
Chiba, JapanN 35.39E 140.2IBM Fair ’98 Japan
Chicago, IllinoisN 41.51W 87.37Internet World Summer
Cologne, GermanyN 50.55E 6.58World Business Dialogue
Coronado Island, CaliforniaN 32.38W 117.0Relaxing
Dallas, TexasN 32.54W 97.2Internet Practice meeting
Danbury, ConnecticutN 41.24W 73.27Danbury Computer Society
Detroit, MichiganN 42.16W 83.16Presentation to Chrysler
Fairfax, VirginiaN 38.51W 77.23Global Internet Project meeting
Fort Collins, ColoradoN 40.21W 105.3Colorado State University
Fort Worth, TexasN 32.52W 97.20Burlington Northern Sante Fe
Freeport, MaineN 43.51W 70.6Visiting L.L. Bean
Haifa, IsraelN 32.28E 34.35IBM Research
Heidelberg, GermanyN 49.24E 8.42IBM e-business seminar
Honesdale, PennsylvaniaN 41.34W 75.15Baer Sports Center
Hong KongN 22.17E 114.12Customer visits
Houston, TexasN 29.45W 95.21Chemical Week I/T Conference
Hursley, EnglandN 51.2W 1.24Get Connected conference
Jerusalem, IsraelN 31.28E 35.7Internet World Israel
Juneau, AlaskaN 58.33W 135.40Vacation
Kennebunkport, MaineN 43.22W 70.29Glimpse of HW Bush’s place
Ketchican, AlaskaN 55.34W 135.65Vacation
Las Vegas, NevadaN 31.8E 115.9Comdex
Lincolnville, MaineN 44.21W 69.4Visiting Kelmscott Farm
London, UKN 51.34W 1.24CEO Conference
Long Branch, New JerseyN 40.11W 73.35Lucent WebWeek ’97
Los Angeles, CAN 34.1W 118.4CEO Conference
Madrid, SpainN 40.29W 3.41Internet ’99
Marina del Rey, CAN 33.59W 118.28Internet World
Marne La Vallee, FranceN 48.52E 2.47IBM CIO/SSIL Conference
Milan, ItalyN 45.27E 9.16Customer visit
Monte Carlo, MonacoN 43.27E 7.15European CIO Conference
Montreal, CanadaN 45.30W 73.33INET’96
Mount Desert Island, MaineN 44.21W 68.13Visiting Acadia National Park
Mt. Pleasant, New YorkN 41.7W 73.52Finanical Executives Institute
Narita, JapanN 35.28E 140.13Gateway to the Far East
New Haven, ConnecticutN 41.11W 72.33Indoor Track Meet at Yale
New Orleans, LouisianaN 29.58W 90.4IBM Teleco Conference
New York, New YorkN 40.46W 73.52PC Expo
Newport Beach, CaliforniaN 33.37W 118.52c|net conference
Nice, FranceN 43.42E 7.16Industry conference
Orlando, FloridaN 28.27W 81.28Client/server conference
Palisades, New YorkN 41.1W 73.33CEO Briefing
Palm Springs, CaliforniaN 33.43W 116.20Industry conference
Paris, FranceN 48.52E 2.19WWW & CEO Conferences
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaN 39.53W 75.14Smith Kline Beecham
Plano, TexasN 33.1W 96.42Visiting Texas Instruments
Port Jefferson, New YorkN 40.57W 73.4Yacht trip to discuss Internet2
Portland, MaineN 42.55W 70.49Vacation
Quebec, CanadaN 46.48W 71.13Lotus Sales Managers’ Forum
Raleigh, North CarolinaN 35.50W 70.37GetCo Technical Interchange
Rome, ItalyN 41.50E 12.23IBM Global Insurance Conf
Saint Helena, CaliforniaN 38.31W 122.27Strategos Revolutionaries’ Conf
Salem, New JerseyN 39.34W 75.28Visiting mom and dad
Salt Lake City, UtahN 40.28W 111.35Transferring at the airport
San Diego, CaliforniaN 33.44W 117.9Visiting the San Diego Zoo
San Francisco, CaliforniaN 37.27W 122.14ZDTV interview for MSNBC
San Jose, CaliforniaN 37.31W 122.16Internet World
San Mateo, CaliforniaN 37.20W 122.12Visiting David Coursey
Scottsdale, ArizonaN 33.30W 111.57Agenda
Seattle, WashingtonN 47.28W 122.16Boeing
Seoul, KoreaN 37.31E 126.57Internet World Korea
Shanghai, ChinaN 31.15E 122.29Customer visits
Sindelfingen, GermanyN 48.42E 9.3DaimlerChrysler visit
SingaporeS 1.17E 103.52Internet World Keynote
Sitka, AlaskaN 57.04W 135.31Vacation
Smithville, Rhode IslandN 41.33W 71.19NE X-Country Championship
Somers, New YorkN 41.19W 73.40IBM
Southbury, ConnecticutN 41.28W 73.12WOMPlex
Stamford, ConnecticutN 41.3W 73.32GE Capital
Stockbridge, Mass.N 42.10W 73.12Weekend break
Stuttgart, GermanyN 48.45E 9.10Visiting with DaimlerChrysler
Stuttgart, GermanyN 48.45E 9.10IBM Industry Solutions Center
St. Louis, MissouriN 38.8W 90.9Emerson Electric Conference
St. Paul, MinnesotaN 44.34W 93.3Visiting 3M
Sundance, UtahN 40.14E 111.21Fast Company conference
Sydney, AustraliaS 33.31E 151.7IBM Australia
Tel Aviv, IsraelN 31.36E 34.32Tel Aviv Art Museum
Tijuana, MexicoN 32.20W 117.11Shopping
Tokyo, JapanN 35.42W 139.47Konishiki-zeki
Toronto, CanadaN 43.40W 79.36Internet World Canada ’99
Tucson, ArizonaN 32.19W 110.55PC Forum
Uccle, BelgiumN 50.15E 4.21Dinner at Villa Lorraine
Vancouver, CanadaN 49.13W 123.8World Congress
Washington, D.C.N 38.55W 77.3Global Internet Project meeting
West Palm BeachN 26.30W 80.1Walking on the beach
Westford, MassachusettsN 42.35W 71.25Iris Associates
Westport, ConnecticutN 41.7W 73.22MecklerMedia
White Sulphur SpringsN 37.53W 80.13Business Council
Winchester, EnglandN 51.4W 1.19WebAhead conf – IBM Hursley
York Harbor, MaineN 43.52W 70.38Stage Neck on way home