This page shows recent and upcoming events. The events are mostly “Meet the Author” where I give a talk about my books, have a Q&A, and then have a book sale. I donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity. The event in the picture was a benefit for Housatonic Habitat for Humanity in Danbury, CT. The students in the picture are robot experts.


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DateEvent NameLocationCityState
2023-04-19Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2023-04-19Ann’s Place Board MeetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2023-04-19Union Carbide Retiree EventZoomDanburyCT
2023-03-30Tech Talk 12Hammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2023-03-23Executive Forum Technology SIG planningZoomPalm CoastFL
2023-03-15Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2023-03-08ProbusSocial Club of Palm CoastPalm CoastFL
2023-02-22Ann’s Place Board MeetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2023-02-15Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2023-02-01Executive Forum Technology SIG planningZoomPalm CoastFL
2023-01-18Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2023-01-10Internet technology planningZoomRidgefieldCT
2022-12-21Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-12-14Ann’s Place infrastructure meetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-12-14Digital Democracy ProjectZoomRidgefieldCT
2022-12-06Nuvance Health Endowed ChairsCandlewood RidgefieldCT
2022-11-17Internet technology planningZoomRidgefieldCT
2022-11-16Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-11-15Habitat Preston GroundbreakingNew PrestonNew PrestonCT
2022-10-27Ann’s Place Board MeetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-10-19Ann’s Place Board MeetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-10-19Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-10-04Internet technology planningZoomRidgefieldCT
2022-09-22Book signing at Habitat 30thRidgefield Community CenterRidgefieldCT
2022-09-21Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-08-17Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-08-10Ann’s Place Facilities CommitteeAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-07-20Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-07-15Founders Hall – Crypto RidgefieldCT
2022-06-29Ann’s Place Facilities CommitteeAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-06-23Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-05-18Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-05-03Ann’s Place infrastructure meetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2022-04-20Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2022-03-11Tech Talk 11Hammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2022-01-26Nuvance Digital Patient Experience Exec CommitteeTeamsDanburyCT
2021-12-01AI Lecture at Rotary ClubKeeler TavernRidgefieldCT
2021-11-02Ann’s Place Executive MeetingAnn’s PlaceDanburyCT
2021-10-01Ridgefield Library Book BattleZoomRidgefieldCT
2021-07-21Danbury Library WebinarZoomRidgefieldCT
2021-03-11Tech Talk 10Hammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2020-12-29Writer’s ConferenceRidgefield LibraryRidgefieldCT
2020-11-04Ridgefield Men’s Club – VotingZoomRidgefieldCT
2020-09-30Voting Webinar with Danbury LibraryDanbury LibraryRidgefieldCT
2020-07-14Electronic Voting LectureZoomRidgefieldCT
2020-02-06Tech Talk 9Hammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2018-09-07Founders Hall RidgefieldCT
2018-09-05Ridgefield Men’s Club RidgefieldCT
2018-08-30Cocoon Coffee House HawleyPA
2018-06-27Fairfield County Business Group RidgefieldCT
2018-06-23Danbury Robotics FairDanbury LibraryRidgefieldCT
2018-05-01Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2018-04-25Book signing at Habitat RidgefieldCT
2018-03-06Palm Coast Rotary Club Palm CoastFL
2018-02-18Tuscany Beach Club: Habitat and Books Palm CoastFL
2018-02-13Tech Talk 8Hammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2018-01-18Hammock Dunes Club: Tech Talk 7 Palm CoastFL
2017-12-13Ridgefield Rotary Club VistaNY
2017-04-18The Fairfield County Breakfast Group RidgefieldCT
2017-03-15Election Attitude – Internet VotingHammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2017-02-21Election Attitude – Internet VotingHammock Dunes ClubPalm CoastFL
2017-02-08Tech Talk V Palm CoastFL
2017-01-25Community Open ForumAdventHealthPalm Coast`FL
2016-12-04Election Attitude at Danbury LibraryDanbury LibraryDanburyCT
2016-11-15Rivington Club (residents only) DanburyCT
2016-11-10New York Amateur Computer Club New YorkNY
2016-10-04Book signing at DACS DanburyCT
2016-10-01Author NightRidgefield LibraryRidgefieldCT
2016-09-22Book signing at 850 Degrees Wood Fired RestaurantRidgefieldCT
2016-09-21Book signing at Ridgefield LibraryRidgefield LibraryRidgefieldCT
2016-09-19Healthcare talk at Rivington Club (private)Rivington ClubDanburyCT
2016-09-08Book signing at Founders Hall RidgefieldCT
2016-08-31Book signing at Ridgefield PlayhouseRidgefield PlayhouseRidgefieldCT
2016-08-30Book signing at Cocoon Coffee House HawleyPA
2016-05-01Meet the Author at Ridgefield Playhouse RidgefieldCT
2016-04-03Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2016-03-23Community Open ForumAdventHealthPalm CoastFL
2016-03-23Tuscany Book Party – Net Attitude Palm CoastFL
2016-03-10Tech Talk 4 at Hammock Dunes Palm CoastFL
2016-03-02Agility First! New YorkNY
2015-10-14Florida Hospital Flagler LectureAdvent HealthPalm CoastFL
2015-10-13Rotary Club of Flagler County Palm CoastFL
2015-09-17Upper Fairfield Business Group RidgefieldCT
2015-09-11American College of Healthcare Executives Consultants ForumChicagoIL
2015-08-25Meet the Author at Cocoon Coffee House HawleyPA
2015-06-25Bernard’s Author Luncheon RidgefieldCT
2015-06-17Ridgefield Men’s Club RidgefieldCT
2015-06-16On Cue 2015 BostonMA
2015-06-08Health Care in Berlin and New YorkGerman American CommerceNew YorkNY
2015-05-21Ridgefield Library RidgefieldCT
2015-05-15Founders Hall RidgefieldCT
2015-05-12Rotary Club of Ridgefield RidgefieldCT
2015-05-05Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2015-04-29Florida Hospital Flagler LuncheonAdvent HealthPalm CoastFL
2015-04-29Hammock Dunes Club Book Party Palm CoastFL
2015-04-28Tuscany Homeowners Association Palm CoastFL
2015-04-24Blueprint Health Demo Day New YorkNY
2015-04-24Radio Interview with David Ayres. WNZF Palm CoastFL
2015-04-24RVNA Breakfast DanburyCT
2015-04-22Western Connecticut State University DanburyCT
2015-04-21OCLC Board of Trustees DublinOH
2015-04-163-D Printing Conference and Expo New YorkNY
2015-04-09Lehigh University BethlehemPA
2015-03-29Radio Interview on Sirius XM Channel 127 WashingtonDC
2015-03-25Agility First! ForumUnion LeagueNew YorkNY
2015-03-24Genesys Partners XXI Dinner New YorkNY
2015-03-19Tech Talk Seminar 3 Palm CoastFL
2015-02-19Tech Talk Seminar 2 Palm Coast FL
2015-01-16Tech Talk Seminar 1 Palm CoastFL
2014-10-071885 Legacy Society Luncheon DanburyCT
2014-09-25Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Strategic Retreat RidgefieldCT
2014-06-26Ridgefield Library (Connecticut) RidgefieldCT
2014-06-19Newtown Men’s Club (Connecticut) DanburyCT
2014-05-06Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2014-03-24Genesys Partners XX Dinner New YorkNY
2014-03-18Hammock Dunes Club Luncheon Palm CoastFL
2013-11-08Future of the Internet, Media/Entertainment and MobilityYahoo!New YorkNY
2013-10-01Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) Watch HillRI
2013-05-07Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2013-04-25Macricostas Entrepreneurship Lecture at WCSU DanburyCT
2013-03-16Hammock Dunes Club Palm CoastFL
2013-03-07Markley Data Center Summit 2013 BostonMA
2013-01-28Genesys Partners XIX Dinner New YorkNY
2013-01-17Community Open ForumAdventHealthPalm CoastFL
2012-10-19Founders Hall RidgefieldCT
2012-05-01Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2012-01-25SIIA Conference New YorkNY
2012-01-23Genesys Partners XVIII Dinner New YorkNY
2011-09-12Data Center World OrlandoFL
2011-05-25CCC Information Services Colorado SpringsCO
2011-05-15American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory CouncilHot SpringsVA
2011-04-20Ridgefield Men’s Club RidgefieldCT
2011-04-05Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2011-01-26SIIA Conference New YorkNY
2011-01-24Genesys Partners XVII Dinner New YorkNY
2010-04-11CIO Summit Las VegasNV
2010-01-25Genesys Partners Venture Dinner New YorkNY
2009-12-07Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2009-11-03Philanthropic Youth Council RidgefieldCT
2009-10-13Ridgefield VNA RidgefieldCT
2009-10-08Connecticut Broadcasters Association HartfordCT
2009-06-17Special Libraries Association 2009 Annual ConferenceWashingtonDC
2008-12-02Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2008-08-19Tele Greenland Sarfarissoq Conference NuukGreenland
2008-05-05Food Marketing Institue Las VegasNV
2008-04-16eLearning Guild OrlandoFL
2008-04-07IBM Impact ConferenceIBM CorporationLas VegasNV
2008-04-02Danbury Visiting Nurses Association Breakfast DanburyCT
2008-03-18Customer Executive ConferenceIBMHawthorneNY
2008-02-18Vodacom South Africa (Business Partner ConferenceJohannesburgSouth Africa
2007-12-04Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2007-10-03Technology Leadership Institute for School DistrictsMohonk Mountain House – New PaltzNY
2007-09-20Guest Lecturer at MIT CambridgeMA
2007-07-11SIIA e-Commerce Tenth Anniversary WashingtonDC
2007-03-06Motovation 2007 AustinTX
2007-01-24Time Warner Cable PalisadesNY
2006-12-05Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanburyCT
2006-11-14IBM Technical Experts ConferenceIBM CorporationSouthburyCT
2006-11-08Questex Media Group San JoseCA
2006-09-27DEMO Conference – FutureScan San DiegoCA
2006-09-25IBM alphaWorks Tenth AnniversaryIBM CorporationSan FranciscoCA
2006-07-19IBM Sales ConferenceIBM CorporationSouth BendIA
2006-05-08BellSouth Executive Conference New OrleansLA
2006-05-04United Way/Chamber of Commerce “Future” SeriesDanburyCT
2006-03-31Founders Hall Speaker Series RidgefieldCT
2006-03-27Stratus Technologies Conference Las VegasNV
2006-03-13PC Forum CarlsbadCA
2006-03-07CSG Conference MiamiFL
2006-03-07CSG Executive Client Conference MiamiFL
2006-02-06Demo 2006 PhoenixAZ
2006-02-01SIIA Industry Summit New York NY
2006-01-30Genesys Partners Annual Dinner New York NY
2005-12-08SG Cowen Internet Conference New YorkNY
2005-12-06Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanbury CT
2005-11-23Internet Summit Austria on The Future of the InternetVienna Austria
2005-11-132005 ITAA Executive Leadership Summit Phoenix AZ
2005-10-17BlogOn 2005 New York NY
2005-09-30E-ruptions New York NY
2005-09-19DEMOfall Huntington Beach CA
2005-08-19Opera Board Meeting Oslo Norway
2005-08-09Texas Association of State Systems for ComputingDallas TX
2005-07-19MRO World Dallas TX
2005-06-20Supernova San Francisco CA
2005-06-15Opera Board Meeting Oslo Norway
2005-06-14InnovateEurope Zaragoza Spain
2005-06-08IBM Venture Capital ConferenceIBM CorporationYorktown Heights NY
2005-06-06Special Libraries Association – 2005 Toronto Canada
2005-05-09Western Connecticut State University Danbury CT
2005-05-05Connecticut School Superintendents Danbury CT
2005-05-04Nylink 2005 Annual Meeting Saratoga Springs New York
2005-04-28IBM/Forbes Executive Forum New York NY
2005-04-26IBM IT Analyst MeetingIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2005-03-21PC Forum Scottsdale AZ
2005-03-17Society for Information Management – WestchesterStamford CT
2005-03-13COMMOM Chicago IL
2005-03-09What’s Next: Boomer Business Summit Philadelphia PA
2005-02-16LinuxWorld Boston MA
2005-02-14Demo 2005 Phoenix AZ
2005-01-31Genesys Partners Annual Dinner New York NY
2005-01-15Optometric Practice Management Conference New York NY
2004-12-10IT Leadership Academy Waterbury CT
2004-12-07Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanbury CT
2004-11-16IBM Global Innovation OutlookIBM CorporationNew York NY
2004-11-11Opera Softwareboard meeting Oslo Norway
2004-11-09IBM SAC Annual briefingIBM CorporationAustinTX
2004-10-19IT Midia CIO Conference Salvador-BahiaBrazil
2004-10-18COMMON IT Executives Conference Toronto Canada
2004-09-25Cornell MBA Students Palisades NY
2004-09-14HSBC Bank Executive Planning session London UK
2004-09-08DemoMobile La Jolla CA
2004-09-07Egyptian International Economic Forum Cairo Egypt
2004-08-11WebSec 2004 San Francisco CA
2004-07-30AVVAL Radio Talk Show RidgefieldCT
2004-07-14Lehigh University Global Village Bethlehem PA
2004-07-13Extreme BlueIBMCambridge MA
2004-06-24Supernova Santa Clara CA
2004-06-17Opera Software ASA Oslo Norway
2004-06-15Internet Planet New York NY
2004-06-10International Association of Privacy Professionals San Francisco CA
2004-05-24ibm.com Tenth AnniversaryIBM CorporationWhite Plains NY
2004-05-17Bank of Scotland Edinburgh Scotland
2004-04-28IBM I/T Analyst BriefingIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2004-04-27IBM Annual MeetingIBM CorporationProvidence Rhode Island
2004-04-22International Road Transport Union Yokohama Japan
2004-04-21IBM ResearchIBM CorporationYamato Japan
2004-04-21Jupitermedia SearchEngine Strategies Tokyo Japan
2004-04-20Jupitermedia WiFi Planet Tokyo Japan
2004-04-14IBM Personal Computing and eServer Executive ForumIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2004-03-26AVVAL Radio Talk Show RidgefieldCT
2004-03-21PC Forum Scottsdale AZ
2004-02-15Demo 2004 Phoenix AZ
2004-01-27SIAA Conference(X-Factors Panel) New York NY
2004-01-26Genesys Partners Annual Dinner New York NY
2004-01-22Accelerating Trustworthy Internetworking Atlanta GA
2004-01-15I/S Executive Roundtable Breakfast series Atlanta GA
2004-01-09AVVAL Radio Talk Show RidgefieldCT
2003-12-12IT Leadership Academy Waterbury CT
2003-12-09Inside ID Conference Washington DC
2003-12-05IT Leadership Academy Waterbury CT
2003-12-04Information & Interaction at the Western CT ExchangeRidgefield CT
2003-12-02Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanbury CT
2003-11-22Ridgefield Community Center Ridgefield CT
2003-11-12IBM CEO ConferenceIBM CorporationSingaporeSingapore
2003-11-10Singapore Computer Society SingaporeSingapore
2003-10-03Colorado Entrepreneur’s CEO Conference San Francisco CA
2003-09-17BizMac Norwalk CT
2003-09-16Lehigh UniversityBusiness Roundtable Bethlehem PA
2003-09-16Lehigh Valley Young Professionals Network Bethlehem PA
2003-09-11New York New Media Association New York NY
2003-08-04Americas’ Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)Tampa FL
2003-07-23IBM Forum 2003IBM CorporationSingaporeSingapore
2003-07-16Ridgefield Men’s Club Ridgefield CT
2003-06-26IBM on demand Business Transformation ForumIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2003-06-23Center for Strategic and International StudiesCSISWashington DC
2003-06-16IBM Customer Executive ConferenceIBM CorporationAtlanta GA
2003-05-28Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Technology and GrowthNew York NY
2003-05-18VORTEX Laguna Niguel CA
2003-05-14IBM iSeries Executive ForumIBM CorporationSeattle WA
2003-05-06Founders Hall Ridgefield CT
2003-05-06Technology Leadership Institute for School DistrictsTarrytown NY
2003-05-02Federal Trade Commission Conference on Spam Washington DC
2003-05-01IBM Analyst Briefing: on demand operating environmentsIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2003-04-10IBM Personal Computing and eServer Executive ForumIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2003-04-09IBM Personal Computing and eServer Executive ForumIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2003-04-07Yonkers Business Forum Yonkers NY
2003-04-03ITAA Enterprise Solutions West Palm Beach FL
2003-03-23PC Forum Scottsdale AZ
2003-02-24SHARE Dallas TX
2003-02-05IBM Industrial Sector Global Kickoff ConferenceIBM CorporationAtlanta GA
2003-01-27Genesys Partners Annual Dinner New York NY
2003-01-15OECED Policy Forum HonoluluHI
2003-01-14Global Internet Project: Spam Roundtable Honolulu HI
2002-12-12Can Technology Save The EconomyThe New SchoolNew York NY
2002-12-03Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanbury CT
2002-11-19Washington Speakers Bureau Alexandria VA
2002-11-01IBM Professional Leadership Technical ExchangeIBM CorporationOrlando FL
2002-10-30AspenWorld Washington DC
2002-10-23Design Management Institute Chatham MA
2002-10-17IBM CIO ConferenceIBM CorporationParis France
2002-10-14Agenda 2003 Scottsdale AZ
2002-10-09IBM Chief Markting Officer conferenceIBM CorporationNew York NY
2002-10-01Internet World Keynote New York NY
2002-10-01NetCom Information Technology Seminar New York NY
2002-09-17Private engagement -Washington Speakers BureauColorado Springs CO
2002-08-26e-business Summit Pasadena CA
2002-07-23Knowledge Management 2002 New York NY
2002-06-27CSIS: Senior Working Group Washington DC
2002-06-26American Express Company Scottsdale AZ
2002-06-25Dependability of e-commerce systems Bethesda MD
2002-06-25U.S. Department of Defense New York NY
2002-06-24Private engagement -Washington Speakers BureauNashville TN
2002-06-19Internet Society Washington DC
2002-06-18Global Internet Project – Spam Workshop Washington DC
2002-06-17IBM Technology briefingIBM CorporationPoughkeepsie NY
2002-06-17SUNY Technology conference Kerhonkson NY
2002-06-12eBiz Summit Birmingham England
2002-06-06Westchester Small Business conference White Plains NY
2002-06-04Think Tank conference Quebec City Canada
2002-05-15IBM Professional Leadership Technical ExchangeIBM CorporationLa Hulpe Belgium
2002-05-14Web Best Practices conference Chicago IL
2002-05-08Heritage Village Southbury CT
2002-05-04IBM e-business Executive ConferenceIBM CorporationMonte Carlo Monaco
2002-04-18Inside Business Cleveland OH
2002-03-26PC Forum Scottsdale AZ
2002-03-25National Alcoholic Beverage Commissioners AssociationLas Vegas NV
2002-03-22Business 2.0 Live New York NY
2002-03-20FastTrack Conference Dallas TX
2002-03-18e-business Summit Palm Springs CA
2002-03-13WCAP Radio interview (6:30 PM) Boston MA
2002-03-06IBM CIO ConferenceIBM CorporationPhiladelphia PA
2002-03-04IBM Professional Leadership Technical ExchangeIBM CorporationOrlando FL
2002-02-26IBM Chief Marketing Officer ConferenceIBM CorporationHamburg Germany
2002-02-21Westchester County Association White Plains NY
2002-02-20National Engineers Week at Ridgefield High SchoolRidgefield CT
2002-02-19Yale University lecture and book signing New Haven CT
2002-02-16Demo 2003 Scottsdale AZ
2002-02-15Expo Comm. 2002 Mexico City Mexico
2002-02-11Demo 2002 Phoenix AZ
2002-02-07Kaiser Permanente management conference Palm Springs CA
2002-02-05Equipment Leasing Association conference Purchase NY
2002-01-31IBM Customer Executive BriefingIBM CorporationPalisades NY
2002-01-31Neoteny board members and friends at Makihara-sanNew York NY
2002-01-30WLAD radio interview Danbury CT
2002-01-29CoolTea reception Stamford CT
2002-01-29Software and Information Industry Association conferenceNew York NY
2002-01-28Lotusphere Orlando FL
2002-01-27Barnes & Noble lecture and book signing Danbury CT
2002-01-17IBM Server Group Senior Management meetingIBM CorporationGreenwich CT
2002-01-14IBM Global Services Senior Management meetingIBM CorporationOrlando FL
2002-01-09IBM Emerging accounts conferenceIBM CorporationOrlando FL
2002-01-08IBM e-sourcing conferenceIBM CorporationOrlando FL
2001-12-05Danbury Area Computer Society (annual speach)Danbury HospitalDanbury CT
2001-11-27Silicon Valley World Internet Center San Jose CA
2001-10-24IBM CIO ConferenceIBM CorporationParis France
2001-10-23garage.com – silicon valley bootcamp San Jose CA
2001-10-18IBM Global Services Customer Exec Council MtgIBM CorporationWest Palm Beach FL
2001-09-24LegalTech Keynote New York NY
2001-09-12IBM CIO ConferenceIBM CorporationDallas TX
2001-08-2011th Strategic Review Board TaipeiTaiwan
2001-07-18NY/CT Association of Tax Professionals Bethel CT
2001-06-20IBM CMO ConferenceIBM CorporationNew York NY
2001-06-05Supercomm 2001 Atlanta GA
2001-05-29Canadian Cable & TVCATVToronto Canada
2001-05-21Global Internet Project Washington D.C.
2001-05-08Southeastern Software Assoc. Atlanta GA
2001-05-07garage.com New York NY
2001-04-18PC2001 Palisades NY
2001-03-30Ridgefield Bank Ridgefield CT
2001-03-21SUNY Albany NY
2001-03-20Higher Education Forum Palisades NY
2001-02-28Georgia Tech Atlanta GA
2001-02-26PartnerWorld 2001 Atlanta GA
2001-02-06ISPCON 2001 Olympia England
2001-01-24FastTrack 2001 Symposium Orlando FL
2001-01-16New York City New Media Association New York NY

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