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How to Empty Your In-Box: John Patrick

April 12, 2012
John Patrick’s small story below (as told to Claire Suddath) was edited down to fit the available space in Bloomberg Business Week’s “How To” special issue. The story is one of 55 that were featured in the issue.
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
The How To Issue
By: John Patrick

I’ve been doing e-mail for more than 30 years. I get about 200 e-mails a day. I use Boomerang, a plug-in for Gmail that lets me schedule an e-mail to be returned to my in-box when I have time to act on it. I delete it if I know I’ll never need to refer to it. Otherwise, I’ll archive it. I have 54,217 e-mails stored right now. There’s no better feeling than having an empty in-box.
Patrick is a former vice president for Internet technology at IBM.