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IBM alphaWorks offers technical support to partners

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Taiwan – IT Home
author: Wan-yu Tso

At the partners conference called Solutions 2000, IBM said it will strenghten the developerWorks web site and its technical support web site alphaWorks.

IBM said it would establish closer partnership relations by offering more of new technological information to its partners in additon to business cooperation.

To help software developers obtain and upgrade new techniques, IBM’s developerWorks web site will absorb new content from IBM research labs in the U.S. and from Beijing, Tokyo, Isreal. The technologies are for developers around to download for free.

In addition, the alphaWorks web site provides IBM’s latest technologies like the latest in Java, Linux and XML including new e-business software.

IBM’s director for developerWorks and alphaWorks Gina W. Pool said that IBM invested over $ 6 billion dollars in its worldwide development initiative. IBM has a vast software developing resource. In the future, IBM will continue to offer better support to software developers. IBM will also authorize the developers to use the technology and help partners to turn their software development into products. IBM also offers education and training.

John Patrick: Bandwidth is the key to change the future of Internet

IBM Vice President for Internet technology John Patrick was in Taiwan in June this year as a VIP guest for the Year 2000 World IT Conference. He also came to the Solutions 2000 show. He made a keynote speech today (Las Vegas time)
and said bandwidth is the key to change the future of Internet, “Internet will be everywhere”.

John Patrick said, as technologies evolve, bandwidth is no longer the biggest issue for the internet. As of today, cable modem allows high transmission speed and quality. In the future, there will be more video and audio transmission technologies emrege. There will be a need of powerful video and audio servers.

He believes there are three turning points that change the world. These three poits are the invention of PC, TCP/IP protocal and Linux platform. They all feature to allow information be more valuable and easy to access. Especially the openess of Linux will link all information electronic devices and bring people closer to information.

He said, PC no longer controls the future but will not be completely replace by home appliances. New invention will only make life easier. They are going to be co-existing and dependent to each other.