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“Author, Alumnus Discusses Internet Future”


Brown and White – Lehigh University’s Student Newspaper
By Iwinski, Jennifer


Internet expert John Patrick recently spoke at Lehigh University, where he described how the Next Generation Internet is expected to be as ubiquitous and dependable as electricity or plumbing. Professor Roger Nagel noted that Patrick said the “Internet is like the highway and the World Wide Web is the content, the vehicles on that highway,” Patrick also said the Internet of the future would be fast, universally accessible, smart, natural, and consistent, according to Nagel. Furthermore, the new Internet would feature such capabilities as voice recognition, language translation, and natural language, with XML as the new standard for Web pages. As a result, pages would be easier to find, combine, and work with. Patrick also stressed the importance of the next-generation Internet for businesses– it will be the “primary way in which an organization can relate to all its constituencies,” and the Internet will act as a hub for business “strategies.” After working at IBM for 35 years, where he was vice-president of Internet Technology from 1995 to 2001, Patrick now serves numerous boards, including the Global Internet Project and Jupitermedia. He is also president of Attitude LLC and wrote a book entitled “Net Attitude: What It Is, How to Get It and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It.”

Update May 1, 2013 – the full article is unavailable at this time.