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Memory Lane

Memory Lane with Halley Suitt
58 minutes, 27mb, recorded 2004-12-07
Halley asks John Patrick, the President of Attitude LLC all about innovation. John was the VP of Internet Technology at IBM where he worked for 35 years and author of Net Attitude, What It Is, How To Get It and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It.
They discuss his early work at IBM and why IBM was able to embrace innovation and help it flourish there. He goes back to his own childhood where his curiosity expressed itself with Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets and Heathkits among other things. In a pre-Lego era, there was no lack of innovative materials for this naturally curious geek to explore.
John talks about some of the true innovators he was lucky enough to work with throughout his career. His recent essay, The Bubble — Reconsidering The Boom and the Bust gives them another subject to explore. There is so much more to come and he thinks we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of what the web will be and mean in our lives. He aptly points out that the commercial web is barely 10 years old and that already there are things (blogs, podcasting, wifi) we wouldn’t have dreamed would be so popular even 5 years ago. They end with John’s favorite whiz bang technology of 2004 — a technology he’s wild about.
This program is part of the Memory Lane series featuring Halley Suitt.
This free podcast is from our Memory Lane with Halley Suitt series.