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The Internet

The Associated Press Stylebook has declared internet and web should be lowercased. Other style guides are also insisting on the downcasing of internet, and you can see the change appearing daily in major media. Vint Cerf, recognized as one of “the fathers of the Internet”, and I don’t agree with the transformation.

The word internet first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1974. The word was used to describe a network connecting more than one computer to each other. Many internets emerged. In 1982, Vint and his colleagues introduced a common protocol (TCP/IP) for the internets. The National Science Foundation funded a project, called NSFNET, to interconnect the internets. The result was a global network of networks called  the Internet. The word has become part of our daily vocabulary to the point where some writers and editors began to challenge the capitalization as “unnecessary, dated, and aesthetically unappealing”. Vint was quoted about the AP stylebook saying it had failed, “to understand history and technology.” I agree, and you won’t see the network of networks called anything but the Internet in this blog.

Source: Capitalize ‘Internet’? AP says no – Vint Cerf says yes • The Register

Note: Vint and I also agree Internet voting can and should become a reality. Read more about Internet voting in Election Attitude and more about the Internet in Net Attitude.

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