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FutureScan: The Future of Nanotechnology

DEMOfall 2006 Coverage, San Diego
Day 2 – September 27, 2006
Excerpted from briansolis.com

The following is an introductory remark and a list of panelists for the second of two FutureScan panels held at DEMOfall 2006 in San Diego. Day 2 included 67 presenters each with only 6 minutes to show the world how they will change it, and various Panel discussions such as the one below moderated by John Patrick.

Chris Shipley – Millions of dollars have poured into nanotechnology startups in recent years, leaving many to wonder when the market will see the return on those investments. Is it too soon to expect nanotechnologies to deliver revenue this year? Next year? By 2010? Which industries will be most impacted by nanotechnology? When are we likely to see everyday products using this new sub-microscopic world of science? John Patrick and his esteemed panel will separate fact from fiction as they look at the practical, near-term applications of nanotechnology.

John Patrick, President, Attitude LLC

Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Quantum Insight, & Co-founder & Steering Committee Chair, MIT – Stanford – UC Berkeley Nanostructures
Dr. Gian-Luca Bona, Department Group Manager of Science & Technology, IBM’s Almaden Research Center
Dr. Gerald Hoegl, CEO & CFO, Metcomb Nanostructures

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