John R. PatrickThanks for stopping by. My name is John Patrick and Attitude LLC is the name of my company. My activities include writing, speaking, and board service. The focus areas of Attitude LLC are healthcare and technology. My first book, Net Attitude (2001), painted a vision for the potential of the Internet. My newest book, Net Attitude (2016) is a new version describing why a net attitude is more important than ever. My second book, Health Attitude (2016), unravels the complexities of American healthcare and outlines technological and attitudinal changes to make healthcare safer and more affordable. The Attitude LLC blog below has more than 1,500 stories about technology, music, motorcycles, travel, business, and healthcare. Please click here to receive my weekly Saturday morning e-newsletter. You can find me on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also find me in Wikipedia. Please click  to learn more about Health Attitude.