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A Robot Employee

TUI Group is a $20 billion German tourism company. It includes tour operators, 1,600 travel agencies and online portals, six airlines with approximately 150 aircraft, more than 380 hotels, and 16 cruise liners. The company is fully integrated and provides

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Training Robots

Robots are dumb. They have no intelligence until a human gives them some. The most used robotic automation is in the automobile manufacturing industry where robots are used extensively for spot welding and painting. The intelligence needed is very basic.

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Cobots Are Coming

I hope things change, but at the moment, I would have to say it seems China is getting ahead of us in many ways. In the Axios newsletter, which I read every day to keep on top of strategic happenings,

Exoskeletons Are On The Way

As humans, we have a skeleton inside of us which provides us with support. Animals such as insects (grasshoppers and cockroaches) and crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters, have an external skeleton called an exoskeleton. The exoskeletons provide the animals with

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Robots At Home

Robots will take on a much wider and more significant role in home healthcare than in surgery. Giraff Plus is a European healthcare project aiming to combine social interaction and long-term monitoring to help people live independently. The Giraff is

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