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Genesys Partners Venture Dinner

Genesys CEO Jim Kollegger asked me to discuss my point of view called It’s All About Attitude and describe each of my four books. I said sure, how much time will I have. He said five minutes. Ten minutes would

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Clinical Trials for Stem Cell-based Cartilage Underway

One subject among my weekly e-briefs which consistently generates a lot of feedback is related to knees. One thing baby boomers have in common is the need for joint replacements. The number of hip and knee replacements in the U.S. is

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Test Your Blood At Home

Patients who are at high risk or require frequent blood testing probably find going to the lab or doctor office an inconvenience. Athelas, a Mountain View, California based company has announced a new technology which may be a real game changer.

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Nanomachines May Deliver Drugs and Destroy Diseased Cells

Nanotechnology is advancing across many aspects of science, engineering, and medicine. I am particularly impressed with what researchers at Rice University are doing. They have developed nanomotors which are incredibly small. The motors can spin at 2-3 million rotations per

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Cochlear Implants and iPhone

Apple has many ambitions for healthcare, as I wrote in Health Attitude. A particular focus is accessibility. Apple wants the hundreds of millions of people who have hearing loss or other disabilities to be able to use iPhones and iPads productively.

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