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I began to write “reflections” in 1997. Some were about visits to an IBM customer, a university campus, or just to reflect on some issue of the day that struck me at the time. The Reflections were not an attempt to be profound…. just to share. Needless to say, this was a precursor to blogging. Some of the postings on johnpatrick.com are based on reflections but eventually they will all get edited and moved to the blog for posterity. Some of the things in the reflections may also be found in one of my books. The index to Reflections from 1997 to 2002 is below or you may read through them sequentially by going here

07-18-2002Digital IDs: a tool to reduce Spam
07-12-2002Some Assembly Required
07-06-2002Take A Number And Have A Seat
07-03-2002Do We Need Interstate Highways?
06-24-2002The Glass Engine
06-22-2002Subway Surfing
06-15-2002The Spam Has Got To Go
06-08-2002Web site Consolidation Project
06-05-2002My Photogallery
06-04-2002Challenges of Security
05-27-2002Not As Easy As It Looks
02-07-2002Computer Systems Policy Project
01-11-2002Cable Or DSL? Who Is The Winner?
12-29-2001Grid Computing – CFO Magazine
11-18-2001 How To Achieve 100 Percent
11-02-2001 Banff
10-22-2001 Book Party in San Francisco
09-14-2001Attack on America
04-22-2000 Web Video
10-28-1999Expectations Expanding by the Day – Power to the People
10-21-1999Internet Security – the glass is half full not half empty
07-31-1999 Worms and Potato Chips
10-23-1998Is our media wearing out?
10-11-1998Motorcycle riding: how it got started
09-24-1998History of this site
05-12-1998Bandwidth Galore
05-12-1998New York City Weekend – technology free
04-12-1998Heading Down Under
12-24-1997Third Age Pursuits
12-10-1997Getting Physical
08-17-1997Running with Mozart
08-09-1997Chef Wannabe
07-20-1997A Universally Connected World… everything and everybody
07-20-1997Meeting with the President
06-14-1997Washington (Working)
04-08-1997My first trip through the chunnel
04-05-1997New York City is always an experience
02-25-199731 hours to get there but worth it…..
02-13-1997Delivering a keynote talk is so exhilarating
02-12-1997Talking with students is really stimulating
01-22-1997Peking duck and Sumo wrestlers