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Reflection – written April 8, 1997

Reflections I attended a meeting of the Global Internet Project in London on April 7,  1997. From London, I went to an IBM CEO Conference in Paris. This  presented  a great opportunity to travel through the chunnel using the Eurostar (you can find other pictures in my photo gallery).
Seemed to fit in with my interest in gadgets! The first 50 miles or so took  about an hour but once in France the speed of the train picked up to nearly  200 mph! I was told the tracks are much straighter in France. The ride was  so smooth that the speed didn’t seem to be that fast but looking out the  window convinced me. One of the things that struck me most about the ride on the Eurostar was that I didn’t hear the announcement to turn off all portable electronic devices before takeoff and landing. After a brief three hours I arrived in Paris.

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