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JRP Reflecting

Reflection – written , June 8, 2002

ibm.com/patrick has been around for more than seven years now. In April of 1998 johnpatrick.com was registered with the long-term idea that someday it would become the “portal” into all of my activities. Initially patrickweb was used just for private email but then in early 2000 a patrickWeb homepage came to life using Net Objects Fusion. Rather than host it at IBM along with ibm.com/patrick, a small ISP in New York City (which has since folded it’s tent) hosted it. Since patrickWeb was intended to be more personal, it was better to move it to outside of IBM. Since my “retirement” from IBM, a transition plan has commenced that will consolidate all of my activities, weblog, photogallery, etc. onto patrickWeb. I will continue to use ibm.com/patrick as an alias so that people who have it bookmarked can still find me. Hopefully, the consolidation will be completed by the end of the summer. I am using Dreamweaver for the homepage and much of the content. Radio Userland will be my weblog tool. Thanks for your patience as I work my way through this project. Please contact me with any comments or feedback – they are always welcome.