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JRP Reflecting

Reflection – written April 22 , 2000

The world is becoming a world of packets. Email, web pages, phone conversations, radio and TV, and video conferencing. Video will soon be thought of as just another data type. We now take good quality graphics and colors on web pages for granted. Soon we will take high quality video on web pages for granted. In fact it won’t be too long before full screen jitter free video will be a reality on the web. Many sites already provide video content and festivals are happening in many places. The links below may reflect a sample of what the future of Internet video is going to be like.

One of the new dimensions of the world which will be made possible by the advent of high quality Internet video is geo-independence. There are many examples when you think about it. Experts. I define an expert as a person who spends most of their time on an airplane travelling to share their expertise. With high quality video and large flat panel video walls those experts will start leveraging their time much more effectively. Imagine going to a doctor who is on another continent. You will go to a local hospital or clinic. The doctor who is most expert in your particular ailment will be interviewing you from thousands of miles away. He or she will be on a video wall and will seem very close. There is no substitute for the “laying on of the hands” of a doctor but for some situations it may not be necessary. The local staff assists you entering a functional MRI machine. The doctor on the video wall asks you to bend your knee that is giving you such difficulty. You bend your knee and the doctor on the video wall sees what is happening in your brain on a display in his or her office and provides a diagnosis.