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January 21

By Steve Hamm

Microsoft (MSFT) chairman Bill Gates may have electronic art on the walls of his $50 million home outside Seattle and personalized music piped into each room. But a house with an even bigger technological wow factor is the 6,000-square-foot digital domain in Connecticut owned by one John Patrick, a 38-year IBM (IBM) veteran who spearheaded Big Blue’s Net strategy in the late 1990s.

At Patrick’s suburban castle, almost everything that can be automated is, and it’s all tied together in a network that acts like a central nervous system for the house. We’re talking security, music, TVs, computers, home theater, lighting, heat and air conditioning, garage doors, window shades, propane, backup electrical generator, and outdoor spa. Many homes have bits and pieces of this setup, whether a security system or home theater, but few have them all, much less central controls to link them together.  READ MORE >

✓ Complex problems can be addressed if the right Attitude is applied.

Home Attitude©: Imagine you are driving home from a winter vacation. Your arrival time was on your smartphone calendar. At the appropriate time, your smart home turned up the thermostats to ensure it would be warm when you arrived. As you approached your smart home, the garage door opened, and the security system was disarmed. The lights turned on in the mudroom, hall, and kitchen. When you walked into the kitchen, the counter top speaker made an announcement. “Welcome home. Today is Sunday, January 14, and the time is 9:15 PM. The temperature outside is 28 degrees and the humidity is 34 percent.

Someone came to the front door last night, but did not give a name. I saved a picture to your smartphone. Have a nice evening”. Classical music began to play throughout the smart home. If there had been a water leak while you were away, the water main would have automatically turned off, you would have received a text message, and a call would have been placed to your plumbing service. Any malfunction with the electrical, heating, or air conditioning systems would likewise have resulted in a text to you and a call to the appropriate service organization.

Read what some global thought leaders think of Home Attitude©.


  • ① “Home Attitude is your practical guide to take advantage of the many benefits of home automation. You will be amazed at what the future will bring, but even more about what’s possible today. Futurist John Patrick points the way for all of us.”                      Skip Prichard, President & CEO, OCLC, Inc. and author of The Book of Mistakes”            (Verified Reader) ★★★★★
  • ② “John Patrick’s latest book in his growing Attitude Series provides an excellent overview of how a hands-on homeowner can build an automated home which is energy efficient, secure, and just plain fun. Patrick clearly explains the many benefits of an automated home, its key building blocks, and how to get started. Whether you’re interested in simply reducing your utility bills, or building the home of the future, Home Attitude will help make it possible today.”                      Ronald H. Gruner, Founder, Alliant Computer and Shareholder.com” (Verified Reader) ★★★★★
  • ③ John Patrick is a renowned visionary and evangelist for what is possible when the Internet, technology, and people intersect. Home Attitude brings John’s insightful principles and thought leadership intimately into our homes. This is a must read for anyone feeling their home is falling behind the technology trends of our time.”           Dan Ohlson, Founder, Realtek Holding Investments (Verified Reader) ★★★★★

“John is one of the very few people who have been a driving force behind the PC and Internet revolution. Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home video with JARVIS? It is no longer rocket science to automate your home. Anyone with the right attitude and dedication can build a smart home for a very reasonable price. Read John’s book to gain this attitude and let your home make your life easier. ”

Bilal Athar, CEO, Wifigen LLC” (Verified Reader) ★★★★★


✓ Automating your home is much more than a hobby,” notes Dr. John. “It is an attitude.” “It is this state of mind, coupled with his ability to sense the future and demystify technology, which distinguishes his growing collection of works. Home Attitude continues the tradition. Like a digital Rumpelstiltskin, John turns straw into gold. He spots technology trends, catalogs hundreds of products from the Internet of Things, to home operating systems, security systems, climate control, entertainment, geofencing, and pizza tracking. It’s a piñata of shiny objects; a dizzying profusion of choices, for which you need this book, and a house doctor. Alexa, get me Dr. John!”     James G. Kollegger, CEO, Genesys Partners, Inc.“  (Verified Reader) ★★★★★

#1 Question:   Why do so many read Attitude books?
#1 Answer:    To read a book that makes more sense, that is structured for easy understanding and that gives you a New Attitude about extremely important issues today. And, they are beautiful books!

Some of my Top readers that formed a New Attitude.

  • Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
  • Skip Prichard, President & CEO, OCLC
  • James G. Neal, Columbia University Librarian Emeritus
  • Peg Grimm, Pennsylvania Healthcare Consumer
  • Robin Felder, Ph.D., Chair Medical Automation.org and Professor of Pathology, University of Virginia

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