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Net Attitude is a creative and useful mix about Internet technology, every day living, and a vision of the future.”

It was true in 2001, and it is true today. John Patrick covers the full spectrum of communications and information in a highly pragmatic and very readable way. Patrick’s recurring theme that attitude is the ultimate differentiator between success and failure gives life to the technologies, ties them together, and makes the book a must read.”

 James D. Robinson III, General Partner and co-Founder, RRE Ventures, Former Chairman and CEO, American Express Company

“John Patrick is one of my favorite thinkers. John is one of the Web’s original wise men, a bright spirit and intellect who shares his rare understanding of technology and the web, its many dimensions and limitless potential. In Net Attitude he lays out a clear path for anyone who is determined to succeed on the Internet and, as he demonstrates, it all begins with attitude.”


Lou Dobbs, Host, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business Network


“John Patrick remained optimistic about the Internet during and after bursting of the Internet Bubble in 2001. Now you get to read how John was right then, how he will be right again, and how you can prosper with the right ‘net attitude’.”


 Bob Metcalfe, Professor of Innovation, The University of Texas at Austin


I was right! So was John Patrick. I re-read my foreword to his original book, written back in the dinosaur days of 2001, after the Internet Bubble burst and before the economy collapsed and before the demand economy arrived, leading to multi-billion dollar private valuations for new-age companies. His thesis was you have to have attitude about how the Internet can be used in order to use it well and effectively. It turns out he was right. And my foreword still stands pretty good, 14 years after publication. So I asked John to let it stand. I hope you agree.


 Stewart Alsop, Venture Capitalist

Net Attitude (Version 2) is  #3  in my “It’s All About Attitude” series which consistently articulates how attitude is the ultimate differentiator between success and failure of new technology. It is mostly the same as Version 1. The two versions are 15 years apart. In Version 2, I added a preface to each chapter highlighting the things I got right and what turned out differently. Version 1 was originally published by Perseus Publishing in Cambridge, MA. There are still some copies of the hardcover book being sold by various book resellers and fulfilled by Amazon. Unless you are a collector of hardcover books, I recommend reading Version 2. Here is what thought leaders had to say about Net Attitude

#1 Question:   Why do so many read Attitude books?
#1 Answer:    To read a book that makes more sense, that is structured for easy understanding and that gives you a New Attitude about extremely important issues today. And, they are beautiful books!

Some of my Top readers that formed a New Attitude.

  • Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
  • Skip Prichard, President & CEO, OCLC
  • James G. Neal, Columbia University Librarian Emeritus
  • Peg Grimm, Pennsylvania Healthcare Consumer
  • Robin Felder, Ph.D., Chair Medical Automation.org and Professor of Pathology, University of Virginia

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