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Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop?

Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop?  Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop? Written: June 2022 I saw the following post on Twitter this morning, “Hello Amy from the dealer service center. I know you want me to know that my car warranty is about to expire, but Amy, I thought you knew that […]

Fax Spam

There are many posts here in this blog about spam, in particular from a public policy point of view. I have always opposed laws to regulate spam because of a belief that they don’t work. My view has been that technology can solve the problem. This has mostly turned out to be true. Since I […]

Phishing – Part 2

A number of readers were surprised to learn about phishing, and more than one suggested that I send the example to eBay. Actually, I am quite confident that eBay is on top of this issue. I suspect they scan continuously to find eBay fraud of all kinds — including phishing emails. eBay is an incredibly […]


In the Inside ID Conference report (part 4) I mentioned "phishing" as one of the types of fraudulent activity that is happening on the Internet. Today I received an example personally. This is such a blatant example of fraud I hope and suspect that the Federal Trade Commission is taking swift action. I also hope […]