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Man in fishing boatIn the Inside ID Conference report (part 4) I mentioned "phishing" as one of the types of fraudulent activity that is happening on the Internet. Today I received an example personally. This is such a blatant example of fraud I hope and suspect that the Federal Trade Commission is taking swift action. I also hope sharing this here will make more people aware of this kind of sham, and I urge all to let their friends and families know. According to people at the conference I just attended, the positive response rate — people who actually provide their personal information to the phishers — is 30%. That is extraordinarily high compared to spam or legitimate advertising.

Here is the verbatim fraudulent email which I received. In addition to the basic fraud attempting to get personal information from others, the email uses “spoofing”. Spoofing is a technique — unfortunately not hard to do — whereby the “from” address was modified to [email protected] to make it look like that is where it came from. The actual hyperlink in the email goes to http://hostingprod.com/@ebay-log-in.com/ This is obviously not an eBay server.

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