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Fax cover sheet that says Nothing but the Fax
There are many posts here in this blog about spam, in particular from a public policy point of view. I have always opposed laws to regulate spam because of a belief that they don’t work. My view has been that technology can solve the problem. This has mostly turned out to be true. Since I have been using gmail, I get almost no spam. Spam email, that is. Now a new phenomenon has surfaced — fax spam.
Yellow-Pages-USA is offering to create a Facebook page for me listing whatever services I may have to offer. They send their offer via fax. I have been using eFax for nine years and find it a very good service. I wish there were no faxes–I have not owned a fax machine since I got eFax–but sometimes they are essential. If you have to fax something to me I give you my eFax number and the fax comes into my email inbox as a PDF file. If you have to get a fax, this is the way to get it. Somehow Yellow-Pages-USA got my eFax number and has been sending me unsolicited offers on a regular basis. They request that you fax your personal information back to them to set up the Facebook page they are offering. I have faxed them several times asking them to please remove me from their list and confirm they have done so. Not surprisingly, they do not respond.