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Healthcare in the Digital Age

Next Sunday, the Ridgefield Playhouse will be holding a Moffly Media Entertaining Conversation Series event. I am honored to be the speaker, and I will be talking about the American healthcare system. Please note 100% of the proceeds go to the Playhouse, a tremendous asset of the Ridgefield community. The ticket price includes an autographed book. […]

Healthcare for Children

This week, I spent a day at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children  in Bayside, Queens, New York. I had never been to Bayside, so I learned some new geography. The more important learning was about the great work the 97-bed healthcare provider is doing to help children. Children at St. Mary’s are not there with […]

More New Products from Apple

Apple had another first rate set of product announcements yesterday. If you did not see the keynote, you can watch it here. The new iPhone and iPad Pro are designed to capture the market for upgrades. I suspect many owners of iPhone 5S and prior models will make the upgrade to get the improved camera and Apple […]

Obamacare and Healthcare Technology Startups

As I wrote in “Political Debates: Little Substance About Healthcare“, I had hoped to hear a lot of substance about healthcare reform during the political debates this year. So far, there has little substance. I doubt if any of the candidates in either party know what is in the ten parts of Obamacare, the Patient […]

Artificial Kidney Made from Nanofilters

At Vanderbilt University scientists are building an artificial kidney. The scientists envision the device will become the standard of care and eliminate traditional dialysis. The prototype device was made using a silicon nanotechnology filter chip, embedded living kidney cells, and 3-D printing.  The chips and cells work together to mimic the functions of a healthy kidney. The breakthrough device will be […]