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World’s Smallest Pacemaker

Medical technology marches on, it seems faster than ever. The Medtronic Micra® Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) – the world’s smallest pacemaker – was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2016.  Two electrophysiologists Jersey Shore University Medical Center implanted

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Self Focusing Eyeglasses

An Israeli tech startup company called Deep Optics is developing glasses with liquid-crystal lenses which can constantly refocus. Using a tiny processor in the glasses frame, the lenses can automatically adjust their optical power in real time. If Deep Optics is successful, it

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CareKit to Expand mHealth

In Health Attitude, I wrote about mHealth and said, “People who track their health are healthier.” Apple agrees and sees a market opportunity to sell $billions of iPhones as a result. To help facilitate the growth, Apple has developed CareKit. CareKit

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Healthcare in the Digital Age

Next Sunday, the Ridgefield Playhouse will be holding a Moffly Media Entertaining Conversation Series event. I am honored to be the speaker, and I will be talking about the American healthcare system. Please note 100% of the proceeds go to the

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Healthcare for Children

This week, I spent a day at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children  in Bayside, Queens, New York. I had never been to Bayside, so I learned some new geography. The more important learning was about the great work the 97-bed

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