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Micra Pacemaker
Graphic image from Medtronic

Medical technology marches on, it seems faster than ever. The Medtronic Micra® Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) – the world’s smallest pacemaker – was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2016.  Two electrophysiologists Jersey Shore University Medical Center implanted the device in a patient with bradycardia, a condition of slow heart rate which can cause dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, or fainting spells. The Pacemaker restores the heart’s normal rhythm by sending electrical impulses to the heart to increase the heart rate. Pacemakers have been around for many years, but the new one is one-tenth the size of a traditional pacemaker. You can watch an interesting video of the implant procedure here.