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JRP at Playhouse

Next Sunday, the Ridgefield Playhouse will be holding a Moffly Media Entertaining Conversation Series event. I am honored to be the speaker, and I will be talking about the American healthcare system. Please note 100% of the proceeds go to the Playhouse, a tremendous asset of the Ridgefield community. The ticket price includes an autographed book. The books were purchased directly from the publisher by the Playhouse at cost and I will not be making any profit on the purchase.

Some of the questions I will be talking about include:

Why is something that is so vital- so complicated and expensive? How does patient safety and quality compare to other countries? Are our hospitals safe? Is Obamacare working? How will the Internet, mobile devices, cloud computing, and big data change the future of healthcare?

I will also be demonstrating how the iPhone can take an EKG! The event will be informal with plenty of time for Q&A. I look forward to seeing you there.