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Protecting the Status Quo

CD and record companies did not like it when Napster et al started distributing MP3 digital music files because it threatened the status quo and the companies’  business model. Book publishers did not like it when Amazon started selling books for $9.99 because the new digital books threaten the status quo and the publisher’s business […]

Floppy Disks

The New York Times reported today that the Federal government is using floppy disks for data transfer to the Federal Registry (see Slowly They Modernize – A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks for the full story). The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) jointly administer the […]

Live By the Calendar – Part 2

Last week, I suggested I might start a new blog series called Hall of Lame, each week highlighting a website that falls short. I said the first selection would be Best Western, which for now I will have to label Worst Western.  In spite of my rant about the calendar issue, I was able to […]

Carrier Not Recognized

The new TSA Pre-check process is a potential breakthrough for getting more expeditious processing through the security check for airline travel.  To use the new expedited process, you have to be a Trusted Traveler.  Once you become one — in theory — you not only get routed to a much shorter line, but you do […]

Electronic Medical Records: Do They Reduce Healthcare Costs

The New York Times published a story in January 2013 titled “In Second Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records” (see Electronic Records Systems Have Not Reduced Health Costs).  The article suggested that a prestigious study that forecasted significant savings from EMR’s was funded by companies that provide EMR software and services. Now, the same […]