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Calendar and Clock
Last week, I suggested I might start a new blog series called Hall of Lame, each week highlighting a website that falls short. I said the first selection would be Best Western, which for now I will have to label Worst Western.  In spite of my rant about the calendar issue, I was able to make a reservation at the Best Western hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado. I received an email from bestwestern.com confirming the reservation and providing details about the hotel. Today, I realized plans had changed, so I went to bestwestern.com to change the reservation. I logged in and a red message immediately appeared at the top of the screen saying “The hotel and date selection you entered is not available”. Huh? What a nice way to greet the website visitor, and I had not even made an entry. I clicked on reservations and up came two that I had made. I selected the one needing a change and all the details were displayed, except nowhere on the page could I find the word “change” or “modify” or “update”. I called the 800 number for Best Western and gave them my reservation number. They confirmed the reservation, but said it is not possible to change a reservation online. This can only be done by calling the hotel. I called the hotel and they happily changed the reservation. The person said would you like the confirmation number? Did it change? “Not exactly, but bestwestern.com has a nine digit reservation number and we have our own six digit reservation number. What a system. I didn’t bother asking how to add the reservation to my calendar – copy/paste will have to do when it comes to Worst Western.