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Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop?

Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop?  Will Robocalls from Dealer Service Ever Stop? Written: June 2022 I saw the following post on Twitter this morning, “Hello Amy from the dealer service center. I know you want me to know that my car warranty is about to expire, but Amy, I thought you knew that […]

Senior Scam – A Fraudulent Promotion and Privacy Theft

This week, I received a special offer in the mail; not email, USPS mail. The three part form and format were designed to deceive you and make you think it was an official government document. It was labeled 2017 DEATH BENEFIT INFORMATION. UNITED STATES MAIL RECIPIENT. Then in small print, IMPORTANT NON-GOVERNMENTAL DOCUMENT ENCLOSED ON INSURANCE […]

Fax Spam

There are many posts here in this blog about spam, in particular from a public policy point of view. I have always opposed laws to regulate spam because of a belief that they don’t work. My view has been that technology can solve the problem. This has mostly turned out to be true. Since I […]