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This week, I received a special offer in the mail; not email, USPS mail. The three part form and format were designed to deceive you and make you think it was an official government document. It was labeled 2017 DEATH BENEFIT INFORMATION. UNITED STATES MAIL RECIPIENT.



You may qualify for Senior Final Expense Benefits that would pay your family in the eventt of your death an insurance cash benefit up to $35,000.00 TAX FREE. THOUSANDS OF RESIDENTS AGE 50-85 have been accepted so far for this program – designed to help pay for one’s funeral and any other final expenses. TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY,  mail this postage-paid card today. There is no cost or obligation for this information. Currently, you may qualify even if you have a health condition. MAIL THE CARD TODAY TO RECEIVE THIS VALUABLE PLANNING HELP. Requests received after 15 days may not be processed. Postcards received after the deadline may NOT receive this information in a timely manner.”

Scam Image

Down in the lower corner is a personal touch. A lot of effort went into the design of this fraudulent scam. It is obviously designed to prey on seniors. Unfortunately, many fall for it. The postcard asks for the date of birth of you and your spouse, plus your phone number. There is no envelope, so this private information will be for any and all to see. The mailing has no phone number, no company name, no contact information of any kind. They don’t want you to know who they are. They want to call you to say thanks for your interest and ask for your credit card number. The address on the postcard is RESPONSE PROCESSING CENTER, PO BOX 3015, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46209-9302.

When I Googled the address, I got 24 matches. All were related to reports of the scam. Many people will not take the Google search step, and they will be taken. I reported all the details to the Federal Trade Commission. They have a database of reported scams, and they share it with local, state, and federal law enforcement. With the many terror and opioid problems, it is unlikely the scammers will be caught. The anti-Internet voting activists don’t want online voting. They want paper ballots which they say are more private and secure. Really?