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Maria Asks Good Questions

Maria Bartiromo knows how to ask good questions, as Republican candidates learned at last night’s debate. It should come as no surprise she would be articulate. Maria is a television journalist, magazine columnist, and author of three books. She worked at CNN for five years and then CNBC for 20 years. She joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as […]

Health Attitude on Fox Business

It was a nice brisk walk at 6 AM for six blocks from the Hilton to News Corp headquarters on the Avenue of the Americas. The makeup artist did the best she could do with what she had to work with. I walked onto the set knowing I would have less than five minutes to […]

Mornings With Maria

Maria Bartiromo is very interested in healthcare. I was fortunate to be able to discuss the subject with her and her team at 6:40 AM this morning (November 2, 2015) on Fox Business. It is hard to explain much in five minutes but, hopefully, I was able to add some value to the topic. Maria’s […]

Health Attitude on Fox Business

I am excited to be on Fox Business TV with Maria Bartiromo on Monday morning at 6:40am. If you are an early bird, please tune in. We will be talking about healthcare.