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Fox Business studio setMaria Bartiromo knows how to ask good questions, as Republican candidates learned at last night’s debate. It should come as no surprise she would be articulate. Maria is a television journalist, magazine columnist, and author of three books. She worked at CNN for five years and then CNBC for 20 years. She joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as Global Markets Editor in January 2014 and anchors Mornings with Maria on weekdays. She also anchors Sunday Morning Futures, a popular morning program on FOX News Channel. Maria has covered business and the economy for more than 25 years. She not only knows how to report on business, she is a businesswoman herself, having helped CNBC build a major cable network about business.

Maria also knows a lot about healthcare. Her opening question during my visit to the set last week was about the cost of healthcare and the effect on the economy. As I have said many times and wrote in Health Attitude, there are many problems in healthcare, but the biggest one is the high cost. I am optimistic technology and accountable care models will help slow the growth and ultimately reduce the cost of healthcare. You can find some video clips from the interview here. Read about healthcare solutions in Health Attitude.

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