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Home OfficeI have been experimenting with the design of a home office for decades. Since most of my hobbies (except motorcycling) take place at home and also being a longtime believer in telecommuting, the home office is where I spend the most time. It did not make sense to me to have an expensive living room and use it once per year and have an inexpensive home office that gets used every day — when not traveling.
Even though WiFi is a big help, there are still a lot of wires, cables, devices, and power supplies scattered around an office. In a previous home I had built a false wall beneath a desktop and was able to hide most of the cables. It was not perfect but it convinced me that much more could be done to make a home office efficient and comfortable.
At the end of 2001 it was time for e-tirement and I decided to design a home office in the new home we were building. With the assistance of Neal Zimmerman, a home office architect in West Hartford, Connecticut, a lot of ideas came together. Neal is quite famous as an office designer and is author of At Work At Home. The project has lead to many press inquiries which in turn resulted in two TV stories and quite a few magazine features about the room where I spend most of my time. There are references to the coverage in both the home automation and "in the news" categories of patrickWeb.
The latest story just appeared last week and is called "Designing a Dream Home Office". The interview and story were done by Diana Ransom at smSmallBiz.com.