Taxi CabIf you have ever been to New York City or seen a movie with a taxi scene in New York City then you know what it can be like to get a taxi. This past week I learned about a totally different process. After a day of meetings at Opera Software in Oslo, Norway, it was time to head back to the hotel. I asked the receptionist if she would be kind enough to call a taxi for me. "No problem", she said. She then pushed a button on the counter. It was similar to a point of sale device used for credit card transactions — out came a "receipt" with a confirmation number on it. "Just wait downstairs and the taxi will be there in a few minutes". Taxi on demand! The taxi was there in a few minutes and off I went to the Radisson SAS. Since this was my eighth trip to Oslo this year I was already quite familiar with the payment system. All taxis accept all credit cards. Ever use a credit card in a cab in New York or most other cities in the U.S.? Coupled with ubiquitous WiFi access at hotels and the airport, the travel time to and from Norway is not as hard to take.

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