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When Have We Seen Enough TV Drug Ads?

When Have We Seen Enough TV Drug Ads? Written: June 2015 The American Medical Association (AMA) has called for a ban on consumer TV advertisements for prescription drugs. Anyone with toenail fungus has either talked to their doctor about it or is not bothered by any symptoms. Regardless, millions of viewers of the Superbowl watched […]

When Have We Seen Enough Drug Ads on TV?

I believe Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, is doing a good job of trying to improve our broken healthcare system. The move to allow states to seek a Federal waiver to implement Medicaid in ways tailored to their needs has a lot of potential. Some states have already shown they can reduce […]

When Have We Seen Enough Drug Ads on TV?

I have written articles for a number of publications about TV advertising of prescription drugs. TV news programs are unlikely to invite me in to talk about the subject since the pharmaceutical industry spends $5 billion per year on TV advertising. The latest article was published in Pharmaceutical Processing. You can read it here. My […]

Common Sense From the AMA

The American Medical Association today called for a ban on consumer advertisements for prescription drugs. I cited this as a major problem in Health Attitude in March and was really pleased to see the AMA make the common sense proclamation. The AMA cited a number of reasons for their decision. Here are my six reasons why the ban should […]

Why Are Drugs So Expensive?

Currently, the fastest growing cost in healthcare is coming from double-digit growth in the cost of drugs. The cost of drugs is a significant burden for millions of Americans. Some believe the root cause is greed, but I believe the root cause comes from Congress. When the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan was passed […]