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Red Blood Cell Breakthrough

Red Blood Cell Breakthrough I was curious to learn more about red blood cells and want to share what I learned and also tell you about a new medical research breakthrough. Red blood cells, also known as erythrocytes, are tiny, disk-shaped cells that make up the majority of our blood cells. The cells contain the […]

What is BioEverything?

 What is BioEngineering? Written: July 2022 In 1963, when I started studying electrical engineering, there were two tracks that an electrical engineering student could choose from: electronics or power. Electronics was about solid-state devices such as transistors. The Intel microprocessor was not to come until 1971. The power track was mostly about electric motors and power generation. Fast forward sixty years and […]

Scientists Create Human Stomach Tissue

Scientific breakthroughs are occurring at a steady clip. Many of the breakthroughs are aimed at medicine. As artificial intelligence (AI) comes on the scene, we will be increasingly amazed at what is happening. The good news is the breakthroughs will result in improved outcomes. We will see cures for things previously without cures. Hopefully, many of […]

Breakthrough to Fight Hearing Loss

In 1985, we were living in Atlanta, Georgia, but still had a vacation cottage in Pennsylvania. We visited there for Thanksgiving that year and found our property, as expected, covered with leaves. I put the orange backpack leaf blower on and started blowing the leaves away. After a couple of hours, the gas was gone and […]


Happy New Year to all. I believe 2017 will be a year full of great progress on many fronts. Here are some of the things I predict will happen: Artificial intelligence will become omnipresent, somewhat like java did 20 years ago. It will be part of all cloud services and devices. Virtual and augmented reality […]