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Happy New Year to all. I believe 2017 will be a year full of great progress on many fronts. Here are some of the things I predict will happen:

Artificial intelligence will become omnipresent, somewhat like java did 20 years ago. It will be part of all cloud services and devices.

Virtual and augmented reality will become the next iPod. Apple will introduce new VR/AR products.

Continued amazing progress will come from stem cell and gene therapies.  3-D printed tissues will become commonplace. Lab grown lungs from human stem cells have already been transplanted successfully in mice.

AI-enhanced search and discovery will improve collaboration among cancer researchers. Most tumors will be sequenced and cures will increase through personalized medicine.

mHealth devices will begin to have a positive effect on prediabetic consumers.

Weak and corrupt global currencies will continue to fuel the rise in the value of Bitcoin.

The 2016 presidential election revealed the weaknesses in the American registration and voting systems. The combination of mobile, blockchain technology, and the Internet will begin to be considered as a superior way to vote.

Tesla will maintain the lead with electric cars.  Autonomous driving will get closer. All new cars will have driver-assisted features.