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Vienna Webcast

The Internet Service Providers of Austria webcast my speech at their Internet Summit in Vienna is now also available as a podcast. The file size is 179 megabytes so if you don’t want it on your iPod you can stream it directly from the web by going here.


Remember when 411 calls were free? Those days are gone — now it can cost up to $3.49 for an information call. In spite of the cost, there are billions of these calls made per year. I admit it — I avoid calling 411. It’s not that I can’t afford it — it’s a matter […]

Podcasting – Part 1

I podcasted the last paragraph of the “Podcasting For The School Bus” story in case some readers who are not already into it may want to get a taste of what podcasts are like. I think of poadcasts as mini radio programs — they are actually syndicated radio programs being “broadcast” from blogs instead of […]

Podcasting For The School Bus

The News-Times of Danbury ran a front page story this morning ("Expert urges educators to harness Internet") about a meeting I had yesterday with a group of Connecticut school system superintendents, managers, and staff. It was a prelude to a talk I will be giving on Monday night at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, […]

Web Video

Reflection – written April 22 , 2000 The world is becoming a world of packets. Email, web pages, phone conversations, radio and TV, and video conferencing. Video will soon be thought of as just another data type. We now take good quality graphics and colors on web pages for granted. Soon we will take high […]