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Inside Bitcoins – 2

A friend and I were having breakfast the other morning at Funky Pelican at the Flagler Beach Pier. I was reflecting on the similarities between the evolution of Bitcoin and the World Wide Web (WWW) as I had posted in  Inside Bitcoins. Our

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Inside Bitcoins

Electronic money is not a new idea. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act was passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Jimmy Carter 35 years ago (1978). Other forms of electronic money include payment processors, direct deposit, and digital currencies such as

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My Doctoral Journey

The summer was over and the grandkids had their backpacks loaded up. I hated to see them bent over hauling many pounds of books, and look forward to the day when they have just a Kindle and some wholesome snacks

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Personal Health Records

Seems like everything is in the clouds or on the way to the clouds — our money, our music and pictures, our email, contacts and spreadsheets. What about our healthcare records?  Some say security is holding back electronic health records.

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Fax Spam

There are many posts here in this blog about spam, in particular from a public policy point of view. I have always opposed laws to regulate spam because of a belief that they don’t work. My view has been that

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