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Nurses Trade in Clipboards for iPads

My 4-year-old granddaughter announced recently she plans to be a nurse, like her aunt and grandmom. I wonder if there will be any clipboards in use in healthcare when she starts working. I hope not. Greater Seattle Memorial Hospital announced plans to replace its clipboard nurses with iPAD nurses (see the full story here). Senior-level […]

Nursing Education and Research

Yesterday, I was privileged to be the luncheon speaker at a meeting at Danbury Hospital, a unit of Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN). The purpose of the meeting was to honor two dozen nurses who are enrolled in graduate education. Each nurse introduced herself or himself and described the research they are performing as part of […]

iPad Evolution of Resolution

Today was the day so many of us knew would bring forth the next iPad from Apple. In some respects, it is just another iPad, but I am quite impressed with the technical specifications that have been announced. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! This may be the turning point for many […]

Remote Monitoring

It is a privilege to be able to participate and contribute to various boards and committees. It is also a way to learn a lot, meet great people and gain new perspectives. That has certainly been the case with my involvement at Danbury Hospital. For the past year I have been participating on the policy […]