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Nurse with iPad

My 4-year-old granddaughter announced recently she plans to be a nurse, like her aunt and grandmom. I wonder if there will be any clipboards in use in healthcare when she starts working. I hope not. Greater Seattle Memorial Hospital announced plans to replace its clipboard nurses with iPAD nurses (see the full story here). Senior-level nurses will use the iPads for monitoring staff and physicians. Instead of a pen or pencil, the iPads will provide audio and video recording.

Senior Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Herman T. Hufflepuff, JD, MBA, MHA, said the iPads will enable nurses to “broaden their scopes of practice and physician supervision”. The basis of the iPad project is patient satisfaction. Survey scores will be the primary measure of success. Physicians will have iPad Minis to check off the boxes for quality care. The nurses will be able to monitor all activity in real time. The hospital believes the project will result in better patient satisfaction and more integrated staff.