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Are Most Virtual Things Actually Real?

Last week, I attended a virtual wedding, a virtual cocktail party, and several virtual board meetings. Becker’s Hospital Review reported, “Led by COVID-19 surge, virtual [health] visits will surpass 1B in 2020”. Some schools have said they are all virtual. Everything is virtual. Or is it? I believe none of these things were virtual. They […]

Emergency Doc Discovers New Way to Communicate With Patients

Telehealth company, Doctor on Demand, says lack of access to health care providers in the United States is a massive and growing problem. The company says the average wait time to see a physician is three weeks, and it takes 2-3 hours from the time you leave your home or office to the time you get […]

Money Back Healthcare

In 1915, Abigail Geisinger, widow of iron magnate George Geisinger, donated a fortune to build a regional hospital in Northeastern Pennsylvania  modeled on the Mayo Clinic. The Geisinger Health System provides healthcare to more than 2.6 million people in Pennsylvania. The system has gained national recognition as a model for delivery of high quality integrated healthcare. Geisinger President and […]

What Is mHealth?

What is mHealth? Simply put, it stands for mobile health. It represents much more than the simple name implies. It will change how we think about our health, provide tools to help us self-diagnose and collaborate with our doctors, and will enable collection of a large amount of data for the benefit of the entire […]

Molecular-level Health Testing With the iPhone

With the power of a supercomputer, the iPhone is going to be the host for a wide range of healthcare-related consumer devices and related apps. The latest comes from a San Diego startup named Cue. The company has developed a compact consumer-oriented device that can detect five biological conditions at a molecular level. This is not a […]