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mHealth showing Apple Watch and iPhone 6+What is mHealth? Simply put, it stands for mobile health. It represents much more than the simple name implies. It will change how we think about our health, provide tools to help us self-diagnose and collaborate with our doctors, and will enable collection of a large amount of data for the benefit of the entire population. In this post, I would like to share three new sources of information about mHealth that I hope illuminate the state and future of this important healthcare topic.



Self-Diagnosis Is Here to Stay, and New Tech Makes it Easier

I met Sam Brusco (@SamISureAm), Associate Editor at Medical Design Technology, at the 3D Printing Conference in New York in April. Later we chatted by phone and email about mHealth. The resulting interview was published this month.

How mHealth will spur consumer-led healthcare

This is my first peer-reviewed article. I wrote it for the mHealth Journal, an open access, peer-reviewed journal, published by AME publishing company. The mHealth Journal publishes articles describing new findings in the field of use of mobile technologies to improve public health. The article was published this month.

 An Infographic About The Mobile and Wearable Sensor Industry

mHealth is projected to reach $22 billion by the end of the year. The New Jersey Institute of Technology created a large and colorful infographic which examines the mHealth industry, highlighting the benefits and functionality of health monitoring devices. The infographic also projects future innovations and a good summary of the future of the mHealth industry.

Read about how we will be using mHealth in Health Attitude.

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