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Update Your App Permissions

I have been following David Strom’s Web Informant newsletter for a number of years.  They are always interesting, but his latest was particularly useful.  The subject of his writing was how to clean up your social media apps.   He opens by asking the question: How many apps have you allowed access to your Facebook, Twitter […]

Social Flights

I expressed some skepticism about the LinkedIn business model in my posting of April 22, but there were not many doubters today as the IPO took off for the stratosphere. There were many private jets taking off today too, and a new startup in Smyrna, TN hopes to make such flights much more affordable. Although […]


I remember being a bit skeptical when LinkedIn first got started. Although I cannot say that I have personally benefited from being a member, I have found it a pleasure to help others by linking them to someone that I know. The concept is a good one: linking people together and enabling linkees to find […]

Brain Tweet

It seems everybody is talking about twitter. Does twitter matter? What is a tweet? The way I think about it, twitter is just another channel of communication. In the beginning the only channel was face to face. Then over time we had smoke signals, cave drawings, parchment, the Pony Express, teletype, ham radio, telephones, cell […]