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I have been following David Strom’s Web Informant newsletter for a number of years.  They are always interesting, but his latest was particularly useful.  The subject of his writing was how to clean up your social media apps.   He opens by asking the question: How many apps have you allowed access to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?   David suggested that the answer is probably more than you think, and that having given access to a lot of apps may not be good for your security. Don’t wait,  says David, until your Twitter account is hacked.  I took his advice and, much to my surprise, found nearly 100 apps that had access to my Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.  I have used all three of the websites since they began and  have granted access to various apps, but did not follow-up to see if I still needed them or not.  In reviewing the access permissions, I found that at least half of them were apps I don’t recall granting permissions to and, frankly, never heard of a lot of them.  Thanks to David Strom for pointing out this security exposure and for providing the following three links to make it easy to see what apps have access to your social media accounts and remove those that are no longer needed or appropriate.  Social media is a great thing, but we should never take it for granted that it is highly secure unless we personal take responsibility to make it that way.