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Home Attitude Is Here: Layman’s Guide to Home Automation

Home Attitude is here. The book went live on Amazon Tuesday night. The Kindle version will be available on or before November 27. It seems like a long time to make the conversion, but there are a lot of files, detailed steps, and reviews involved. Now comes the hard part, marketing. Step 1 was to […]

Home Attitude Getting Really Close

Home Attitude is getting really close now. I hope everybody is ready to release pent up demand for home attitude to make your home smart. I finished the book cover last weekend and the CreateSpace team integrated the manuscript, index, and book cover. They have released the order to the printing plant in South Carolina […]

Home Attitude Getting Close

Home Attitude is getting close. Soon you will have access to many ideas about how to make your home smart, whether your home is a house, an apartment, or a condo. The CreateSpace team did a good job of interior editing. The manuscript proof has nice fonts, and the headers and footers, table of contents, […]

Home Attitude Another Step Closer

Thought about how to make your home smarter? Home Attitude will help you answer the question, and very soon. On Wednesday, I received a proof of the interior edit prepared by the CreateSpace team. Interior editing is an art and a science. The art is selecting nice fonts and creating headers and footers, table of […]

Home Attitude Coming Soon

I finished editing Home Attitude: Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Home Smart today, and submitted the manuscript to CreateSpace, an Amazon owned company, for interior editing. They have a process to apply special fonts for chapter numbers, a big first letter of the first sentence in each chapter, renumber the table of contents, and embed […]