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Home Attitude

Home Attitude is here. The book went live on Amazon Tuesday night. The Kindle version will be available on or before November 27. It seems like a long time to make the conversion, but there are a lot of files, detailed steps, and reviews involved. Now comes the hard part, marketing. Step 1 was to add the new book to WorldCat.org. The OCLC database contains more than 400 million bibliographic records, and is used by librarians around the world.

I will make a short video as soon as possible and share it here and on social media. Each story I post here on johnpatrick.com, automatically posts on Facebook, Google+, GotChosen, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and any videos will go on YouTube. I will be scheduling a number of book launch parties in Connecticut and Florida. I will continue to post snippets and parts of chapters in my blog and the Saturday morning e-brief. One of the most powerful marketing tools is word of mouth, so if you like what you hear about any of my books, please tell your friends and family or forward a copy of the e-briefStay tuned for more about Home Attitude.

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