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Graphene Flexes its Muscles

Graphene is amazing. Things it makes possible will seem like miracles. (See prior stories about graphene in the Attitude LLC blog.) In combination with 3-D printing, graphene may accelerate the possibilities for printing human tissues, including organs. A team of biomedical, electrical engineering, and materials science PhDs published an article about how graphene foam can be a scaffold for […]

Electronic Clothing

An international team of researchers believe graphene, the miraculous material set to change the world, will become part of the clothing we wear. No more bulky smart watches, phones, and music players hanging from our clothes. These things will be woven into our clothes. Research is beginning to show the potential to weave fitness, entertainment, GPS systems, […]

Miracle Material May Change Everything

We will be reading a lot more about graphene in the months and years ahead. The miracle material is a thin layer of pure carbon. Graphene’s carbon atoms are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice thinner than a piece of paper. Discovered in 2003 by two Nobel laureates at the University of Manchester in […]