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Graphene foam

Graphene is amazing. Things it makes possible will seem like miracles. (See prior stories about graphene in the Attitude LLC blog.) In combination with 3-D printing, graphene may accelerate the possibilities for printing human tissues, including organs. A team of biomedical, electrical engineering, and materials science PhDs published an article about how graphene foam can be a scaffold for growing functional muscle tissue. The idea is to create the scaffold using graphene and then use pluripotent stem cells as the “filler” in the scaffold. The magic of pluripotent stem cells is they can transform themselves into almost any kind of human cells. Assuming the stem cells come from the beneficiary patient, the new tissue would not be rejected. The research at Boise State appears to be a unique effort in the area of regenerative medicine. They have been able to create muscle tissue and actually see it contract. Longer term, it will be possible to create human tissue and implant it into a failing organ. The cells can then become the tissue cells of the target failing tissue or organ. See the full story at Graphene Flexes its Muscles in Boise State Study. Read more about 3-D printing and regenerative medicine in Health Attitude.

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