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Huge Genetic Study May Lead To Arthritis Breakthrough

Osteoarthritisa is a degenerative joint disease in which a joints become damaged, stop moving freely freely, and become painful. It is a complex disease, and more than 20 million Americans suffer from it. Globally, the number is 350 million. Osteoarthritis

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Biobanks for Population Health

As millions of consumers and providers add data to patient EHRs, a multitude of data will become available for the greater good. Researchers can anonymize the data and combine it with a large database containing vast amounts of information about

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Innovation and Research

Last night was the first meeting of the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) Biomedical Innovation and Research Council, of which I am privileged to be a member. The meeting was held at the recently christened Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research

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Cancer Moonshot 2020

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiung is an amazing human being. A simple list of his accomplishments would fill this blog. Among many other things, he is leading an five-star group of companies, institutions, and scientists in an initiative called Cancer Moonshot 2020, announced in

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28th Annual Joseph L. Belsky, MD Research Day

Click to enlarge On May 8th I attended the Joseph L. Belsky, MD Research Day, an annual event named after Dr. Joseph L. Belsky who founded the event in 1986 at Danbury Hospital, and continues to inspire.  Dr. Ramin Ahmadi,

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